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Koronavirus a sport

Sensation on account of the number one Czech squash!

One match was enough and the sensation was born. Championship number one Daniel Mikbeb lost in Prague at Strahov in the Czech Pro Series II Championship 2021 2: 3 in sets with Ondřej Vorlíček, fifteen. The highlight of the world squash rankings scene highlighted Sensation – the 70th player was not enough for a fighter between 300 and 400. Vorlic smiled: “I was not surprised. I beat Dana in the tournament before Christmas. It was 3: 1, this time 3: 2, so It has already gotten worse, “he joked.

Irina Vanishova

The 21-year-old squash player doesn’t feel like an outsider. “She trusted me. We went to the field to win, no to upset the favorite.” Vorlic, who was not nervous about leading the opponent 2-0 into groups, said, “I had a clear tactic.” The physicist decided.

Vorlichik’s next performance in the tournament was not popular. He lost to England’s Robert Downer, the 106th player in the world rankings, at 0: 3 half hour. “I didn’t like his style,” said the Teplice citizen. While Dan plays in the long exchanges, Robert is an exemplary striker. There was a risk of every stroke.

A sad Czech hero: Too many squash players will end up due to a pandemic

He encountered a fighter permanently living in Prague for the first time in his career. He only saw him several times during the match, so it was very difficult to prepare for the match. “I finished with my makbib, stretched out and had lunch. We exchanged a few words with our opponents, now we don’t see each other very often, and I went to the field again.” Vorlisic, who returned to the squash circuit after a break he filled in his studies in the US, said I had a vacation limit Maximum three hours.

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“I evaluate the tournament positively. I was absolutely happy that I got to it,” admitted the young man, who left for the sea in a Czech seven and is now appearing in twelfth place. However, he would like to return to the elite soon. It’s easier and free. Time, “Vorlicek smile.” I’ll take a week off, run and bike. I need to enter a different rhythm. And then they will start preparing for the next PSA Championship which will be held here in Strahov again in a month. “

However, the Czech Pro Series II 2021 is far from over. On Thursday, the semifinals on the program are in Strahov. There will also be one local squash player on offer. Martin Ovek will play from 13:00 against Austrian Akil Rahman. An hour earlier, he would face German Fatih Vorlicek Yanik Umlorov.