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September Net – Wednesday, the start of the World Club World Cup

The day after tomorrow, Wednesday, the FIFA Club World Championship 2023, which will be hosted by Morocco, will start from February 1 to February 11.

The day after tomorrow, Wednesday, the FIFA Club World Championship 2023, which will be hosted by Morocco, will start from February 1 to February 11.

The FIFA Club World Cup 2023 attracts a lot of public attention, and it is considered a tribute to all the continental champions teams by facing them in official matches that can only be achieved in this way.

This edition of the Club World Cup may be the last with the traditional tournament system since 2005 until now, in preparation for the transition to the new format with the participation of more than 20 clubs from all over the world.

It is scheduled that the Tangier stadium will host three matches, which are “Al-Ahly” against “Auckland City”, in addition to the “Seattle Wonders” match with the winner from the “Al-Ahly” and “Auckland” matches, in addition to the “Flamingo” match with the winner from the Saudi Al-Hilal match and Wydad. Moroccan.

As for Moulay Abdullah Stadium, it will host four matches, namely “Wydad” and “Al-Hilal”, in addition to the “Real Madrid” match with the winner of the “Wydad” and “Al-Hilal” match, in addition to the third-place match and the final match of the tournament.

Teams participating in the Club World Cup

Seven teams from different continents are participating in this version of the Club World Cup, as the “Moroccan Wydad” is the African Champions League champion and the owner of the land in the tournament, along with the “Egyptian Al-Ahly Club” and the runner-up of the African Champions League, which participated in the tournament based on the tournament regulations that Two teams from the same country are prohibited from participating.
Real Madrid, the champion of the European Champions League, as well as Auckland City, the champion of Oceania, Seattle Wonders from North America and Flamengo, the Brazilian champion of the Copa Libertadores, will also participate in the tournament. Al Hilal was also invited to participate as the champion. The last for the AFC Champions League, noting that the tournament has not been completed.
An achievement of Yemeni Arabs themselves
There are three Arab clubs participating in the Club World Cup in its 19th edition, which are “Al-Ahly” and “Wydad” along with “Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia”. Al-Maghribi and Al-Ain of the United Arab Emirates reached the final of the tournament.

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Real Madrid is the record holder

Real Madrid is the record holder for the number of times winning the most prominent tournament in the world at the club level, with four titles, for winning the 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions.

New mechanism in the tournament

And there is a new technology that will be applied by FIFA in the Club World Cup, which is to allow referees to announce decisions taken during matches after returning to the video-assisted refereeing technology in the microphones of the stadium.
This step comes with the aim of allowing the masses to see the reasons that drive the referees to take some incomprehensible decisions on their part, and the adoption of this experience during the 2022 World Cup may open the door to its circulation during the upcoming competitions.

Big cash prizes

The International Federation of Football Associations announced the allocation of a budget of 16.5 million euros as a total value of the prizes that the teams will receive during their participation in the Club World Cup 2023, as the champion of the competition will receive a financial prize of $ 5 million, while the second party for the final match will receive an amount of $ 4 million. The third-place finisher will receive $2.5 million, with $2 million allocated to the fourth-place team. The fifth-place finisher will receive a cash prize of $1.5 million, an increase of $500,000 over the sixth-place finisher, and $1 million over the sixth-place finisher. The seventh place holder.