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Serbia qualifies for the World Cup and Portugal into the playoffs

Serbia qualifies for the World Cup and Portugal into the playoffs

Serbia has qualified for the World Cup finals, to be held in Qatar next year, after winning a deadly 2-1 victory over its guest, Portugal, today, Sunday, in the tenth (last) round of the first group of the group stage in the European qualifiers for the World Cup.

Serbia topped the group, after raising its score to 20 points, 3 points ahead of its closest opponents, Portugal, who now have to play in the European playoff.

Portugal scored early through Renato Sanchez in the second minute, before the Serbian team equalized through Dusan Tadic in the 33rd minute.

While everyone prepared for the match to end in a 1-1 draw, which was enough for Portugal to qualify for the World Cup, (substitute) Aleksandar Mitrovic scored the goal of the deadly rise for the Serbian team in the 90th minute, to lead his country to reach the World Cup and achieve its first victory in the history of its confrontations with Portugal.

Before today’s match, the two teams met in 7 matches, with Portugal 3 victories and 4 draws, without Serbia winning any.

The Serbian national team became among the representatives of the European continent in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where it was preceded by the teams of Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France and Croatia, in addition to the Spanish team, which also qualified today by defeating the Swedish team 1-0 at the same time.

The Spanish and Serbian teams have raised the number of seats reserved in the 2022 World Cup so far to nine, out of 32 seats in the tournament; They were also preceded by the Qatari team, which is participating in the tournament without qualifying, as the representative of the host country, as well as the Brazilian team, the first to qualify from the South American continent.

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In the same group, Ireland won an honorable 3-0 victory over its host Luxembourg.

The goals of the match came in the second half, as Shan Duffy opened the scoring for Ireland in the 67th minute, while Chiduzi Ogbini and Callum Robinson scored the second and third goals in the 75th and 88th minutes, respectively.

Ireland raised its score to 9 points in third place, with a goal difference in front of Luxembourg, who is in fourth place, equal with it in the same balance.