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“Series for History”…The story of Yahya Al-Fakharani’s participation in “Layali Al Helmeya” and his apology for “Arabesque” | news

The artist, Yahya Al-Fakharani, during his hosting of the “Her Excellency” program, presented by the artist and media person, Esaad Younes, on the dmc channel, told the scenes of his participation in a group of the most famous dramas presented on television, foremost of which is “Layali Al Helmeya”.


Yahya Al-Fakhrani said: “In the beginning, I was a candidate for the role of Suleiman Ghanem, and Osama Anwar Okasha tried to convince me that it was a delicious comedy role, but I asked to present the role of Salim Al-Badri, even though it was 5 episodes in the first.”

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He added: “It was assumed Saeed Saleh presented the role of Suleiman Ghanem and apologized, and I tried to convince him, but he said he has a theater and after the theater he stays up with his friends, and that he can work in the series for two hours a day, and in the end Salah Al-Saadani played the role and his work is sweet.”

And he continued, “After reading 5 episodes, I spoke to Osama Anwar Okasha at 3 am, and I told him that he will write in history before the dreamy nights and after the dreamy nights, because he wrote something beautiful, and there was an attempt in the third part almost to change the music of Michelle Al-Masry in the sequence of the series, but she refused. .”

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Regarding the scenes of his role in the series “Zezenia”, he said: “When I got to know the character, I told Osama Anwar Okasha, this is a first screen boy, and he will try to be the worst. I entered the forties and was really disappointed to the point that Osama, may God have mercy on him, called Dr. Lamis my wife and asked her if I was sick.”


Yahya Al-Fakharani explained the reason for his apology for starring in the “Arabesque” series, saying: “I apologized because I wanted to change and present a need for an author other than Osama Anwar Okasha, even though he is my friend, and director Jamal Abdel Hamid was in a hurry because it was his first opportunity. (No) to Mustafa Amin and it was a different need.”

As for the series “Nisf Rabee Al-Akhir”, Yahya Al-Fakhrani mentioned that the author Muhammad Jalal Abdel Qawi presented a personal experience to him, and for this the writing was sincere, and the artist Ilham Shaheen always says that she loves her role in this series.

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