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Serious injuries overtaken by legends to write the history of football.. Get to know them

Serious injuries overtaken by legends to write the history of football.. Get to know them

Brazilian Ronaldo suffered a very severe injury (Getty)

has stars football Global strengths that distinguish them from others, despite the difficulty Injuries Which they usually receive, and its strength is equal to a desire to retire, but they succeed in transcending it and returning to shine in the stadiums, making themselves legends of history preserving their names in a line of gold.

The Spanish newspaper “AS” presented a report on a topic that may motivate emerging footballers, and deals with international names that have succeeded in overcoming very serious injuries, such as Chelsea goalkeeper Peter Cech, after he was hit on the head by a collision with Reading player, Stephen Hunt, and he missed the fields. For three months, then he returned with a protective sports helmet, and was crowned with several titles, including the European Champions League.

The Dutchman, Marco van Basten, suffered a severe injury at the level of his left ankle, in 1986, which led to urgent surgery, however, he regained his luster and moved to Milan, and spent 6 historical seasons, as the Dutch national team was crowned champion of the European Nations Cup 1988.

Neymar was not the best of luck, and he received a strong blow from the Colombian team player in the 2014 World Cup, and a fracture at the level of the spine, so he left the meeting at the 80th minute crying, but he survived a surgery that was proposed and close to implementation, and had to undergo a period of rest and then came back strong and crowned With Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain with many titles.

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The late Argentine, Diego Armando Maradona, experienced the strongest injury in his history, in 1983, after Athletic Bilbao player, Andoni Giokotexa, attacked him, and underwent surgery on his foot, and after an absence of three and a half months, he returned and scored in his first double against Seville, and continued his career His brilliance after his departure to Napoli, he became their first legend and the best player to carry their shirt.

The Brazilian star and top scorer, Ronaldo Nazario, was unlucky, and lived a real nightmare when he was injured playing for Inter Milan in 1999, and forced him to be absent for 6 months, and after his return he was injured again in a meeting against Lazio, and he missed a whole year, but he did not give up and regained his luster and crowned himself with the title “Alphenomeno”, scored in the 2002 World Cup final against Germany.

There is a shock that football fans experienced in 2004, when they saw the French, Gabriel Cisse break his foot in the match between his club Liverpool and his rival Blackburn, and the estimates were in his favor, stressing that his absence would last for two years, but his will made him shorten the time and return after only six months, and crowned the Champions League title Famous Europe against Milan scored a penalty kick.