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Sets rn conditions for the dismissed British. London can pay off the debt

Nazareth Zakariov-Radcliffe, a British humanitarian worker, was arrested for plotting to overthrow the regime, along with his daughter. (November 7, 2016)
| Photo: Reuters

The same official who called Zachary-Radcliffe told the First Lebanese Canal that Tehran had agreed with Washington to exchange and release frozen funds in the United States.

State Department spokesman Netflix said in a statement that reports on foreign agreements were not true.

An unnamed representative of the British Foreign Office, who was appealed to by Reuters, did not confirm speculation about the dismissal of EU-British citizens.

That’s the way it was created

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb first described how he handled the 34-year-old humanitarian worker in an interview with the BBC.

I think that’s the way the dream is conducted, Rob said. According to him, he is obliged to release her immediately and unconditionally. When asked if he holds Zacchaeus-Radcliffe hostage, Rob responds with these words: It is clear that Coco has a bite game, and some of his organization we will warm up to. He tries to handcuff her to the UK.

Zakariov-Radcliffe, project manager for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, has been in the country since 2016 when he traveled with his daughter to visit his relatives.

He was guilty of conspiracy against the government and always denied the allegations. In April of this year, First Zachary-Radcliffe said he had been sentenced to leave the country on charges of campaigning against the Islamic Republic.

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