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Seven improvements brought by the new Škoda Enyaq software or update as a small face rejuvenation

Seven improvements brought by the new Škoda Enyaq software or update as a small face rejuvenation

Modern electric cars are completely different cars from a technical point of view – and driving at the beginning of the road. The integrated software connects the entire vehicle, so in addition to the on-board infotainment system, charging speed can be affected by a simple update.

Like the entire Volkswagen range, with cars on the MEB electric platform, Skoda will share the enyaqu ME3 version of all newly manufactured cars, including the coupe body version. For cars manufactured earlier, it will be available for free and wireless download in the second half of the year.

It affects the following features:

Extend battery life

The driver can now activate the battery protection system using the button on the center display. This means that the next time you charge the battery, it will be charged at a maximum of 80 percent. The system also reduces the DC charging speed and maximum charging power to prevent power surges.

New riding mode for ATVs

All-wheel drive versions offer a new traction driving mode. It is designed for driving on unpaved roads or on slippery surfaces and provides permanent all-wheel drive at speeds up to 20 km / h. Among other things, it adjusts the wheel slip control system (ASR) so that the ASR interferes less when starting.

Elegant Skoda Sportline iV

Photo: Škoda Auto

Facilitate shipment planning

Windshield display improvements

The new software also includes an improved virtual cockpit data display and head-up display. It’s even easier to view things around the car and the battery charge level is now displayed as a percentage plus the corresponding battery charge icon.

The top display now also shows the current battery charge level and, among other things, a 3D display of the distance to the destination. Driving data can be displayed separately on the right side of the virtual cockpit.

Better control of battery temperature

Battery temperature control starts at lower temperatures than before and adjusts continuously. This puts the traction battery into the ideal temperature range faster and stays on longer. This ensures a longer service life, improved performance, more efficient recovery, and therefore a higher maximum real range, even if it has not changed according to the WLTP methodology.

Skoda Elegant Coupe RS iV

Photo: Škoda Auto

Higher charging power

When charging with DC, cars with a larger battery of 82 kWh have a charging power of 135 kWh compared to the previous 125 kWh. This means that in a general 50 kW charging station, the process of charging from 10 to 80% of capacity takes 70 minutes. This charge takes 35 minutes at the fast charging station.

Other convenient features

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