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Severe warning from Apple to millions of users

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Global mobile phone companies are looking to roll out new updates to users so that they can get advanced features continuously.

The iOS 15 system update was not promising, as Apple said, as many errors soon appeared, some of them very dangerous.

Last September, Apple announced the new operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 15, which it said at the time is automatic and includes huge advantages, including enhanced privacy protection.

And after less than 3 months, after the defects appear in the operating system, according to what the American magazine “Forbes” reported, Thursday.

severe warning

Forbes said that a new warning had reached millions of iPhone users.

It seems that this warning reached users in the form of a request to update the operating system, without reference to the problem, according to Sky News.

On the feedback page on Apple’s official website, users talked about this problem.

One of them said that the phone call he was making in the car via “Bluetooth” through the “iPhone 13” was cut off 2-8 minutes after the call began.

In turn, the technical website 9to5mac monitored problems caused by the new operating system, such as problems with the wireless “Bluetooth” in cars.

The problem appeared to mainly affect iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 devices, and the problem occurred in many well-known cars, such as BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Toyota and others.

Forbes said that Apple did not publicly acknowledge the existence of the problem, and did not provide a solution or alternative to the problem.

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And she considered that with the sale of more than 100 million phones of the “iPhone 12” models, in addition to the “iPhone 13” sales exceeding the previous version, the pressure will increase on Apple to solve the problem.

There was a great irony in the matter. The purpose behind the operating system “iOS 15” was to improve the quality of calls and rid them of the inconveniences that lead to their interruption, but the matter came with opposite results.

Forbes said that a number of iPhone 13 users had reported this problem before, and had experienced it from the moment the new operating system was launched, which indicates a malfunction in these devices.

This came weeks after the American company expanded the scope of recalling a number of “iPhone 12” phones due to sound problems.

Previous reports said that iron system users who own “iPhone 13” phones talked about many problems such as screens that do not respond to commands and other problems with the camera, such as the screen becoming black while the camera is running.