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Severe weather fluctuations provoke Queen Elizabeth's panic and new demands on William

Severe weather fluctuations provoke Queen Elizabeth’s panic and new demands on William

The British newspaper The Sun confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II had been intimidated by the recent violent changes in the weather in England, fearing for the safety of her eldest grandson, Prince William.
A royal source said the queen was “terrified” of breaking the heir line, asking Queen Prince William not to travel in helicopters with his family, fearing it would damage the heir chain.
According to a source close to the Queen, the Queen said she was “scared” that William and his sons would be devastated by the severe weather.
The source said: “Helicopters are not a safe mode of transportation. The Queen told close friends and nobles that she would like to stop William flying alone, especially in bad weather, because the Queen is awake at night. Concern.”
The Queen’s fears were renewed after a series of severe storms that hit the United Kingdom, and this time she learned that William and his family had flown in a helicopter and driven it by themselves.
Meanwhile, state sources said that Charles would be given a “simple coronation” when he ascended the throne.
“It will be a poor monarchy on display all the time. I would not be surprised to see Charles, Camilla, Kate, William and their children on the balcony of Buckingham Palace,” the source said.
It is a strange royal tradition not to fly in the same plane with the throne heir family so as not to harm the royal heir lineage.
William could not fly on the same plane with his family without the Queen’s permission, he always reluctantly gave his consent to him, and he repeatedly told William’s friends and close relatives that he refused to fly any plane with his son Prince George. Third in line to the throne so as not to disturb the heir line.

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