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Shakira starts a new life, and Pique separates from his girlfriend because of betrayal

Written by: Shaima Abdel Moneim

Monday, April 10, 2023 11:50 AM

While Shakira begins a new life with her children after breaking up with her beloved Pique and leaving Barcelona, ​​Spanish reports indicated that Clara Shea, the Spanish football player’s sweetheart, is cheating on him with his compatriot, coach Pep Guardiola..

Followers on social networking sites ridiculed Pique, saying that it was revenge for the sake of the Colombian star Shakira, and another group of activists on the “Social Media” saw that Shakira was behind the leaking of the news of Xia’s betrayal..

Beloved Pique is cheating

It is noteworthy that Shakira and Pique announced last June, in a joint statement, the end of their relationship, which lasted 11 years, and yielded two children: Milan, 9 years old, and Sasha, 7 years. Later, Gerard was accused of betraying Shakira with Shea, and then a public battle took place between the two She began with a satirical song from Shakira against Pique, in which she said: “You are now with the one who befits you. You left me as a neighbor with your mother, the press at the door, and the problems with the treasury. I exchanged my Ferrari for a Twingo, I exchanged a Rolex for a Casio, I equal two young women of 22.”

Shakira leaves Barcelona and closes the Pique page

The Colombian star, Shakira, left Barcelona forever after she decided to close the page on her relationship with Pique, as Shakira’s life was full of turmoil, not only because of her separation from Gerard Pique due to marital infidelity, but also because of the complex health conditions of her father, who took him to the hospital in Barcelona..

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