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Shams Al Ostoura gets irritated "crying" after a friend described her ad as a "loser".

Shams Al Ostoura gets irritated “crying” after a friend described her ad as a “loser”.

date of publication:
05 Aug 2022 10:58 GMT

Update date: 05 Aug 2022 12:50 GMT

The Saudi singer known as “Shams Al Ostoura” got angry before she began to cry, after being accused by a friend that “the advertisement I promoted for her was a failure.”

Shams Al-Ostoura broadcast a lengthy video clip through her account on “Snapchat”, in which she expresses her sadness at “a friend’s slander against her, and an attempt to destroy her.”

She pointed out that “the friend in question accused her of false accusations, before informing her that the advertisement she promoted to her was a failure.”

Shams Al-Ostoura stressed that “all of her ads are successful, and that the announcement she broadcasted to the friend in question was successful, with the testimony of those around her.”

The Saudi singer said she was “willing to re-promote the ad, rather than accusing it of its failure.”

And in the context of the talk of Shams Al-Ostoura, she seemed to be affected: “When a friend comes to destroy your character and your behavior, he takes revenge for himself or a need in his mind, (..) He is a close friend, I passed this situation with me, (..) a call between me and a person, inside me. Overwhelming, this friend afflicted me that I spoke about her and that I said I promised and increased even though I am a once clear person (..) This thing once bothered me.”

And she continued: “I also saw an advertisement. Fry this advertisement. This advertisement is a failure. If no one is here, imagine hearing a successful advertisement once. Then why is it that everyone comes to fry my failed advertisement? I believe it. ..)”.

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Shams al-Ostoura questioned the concept of “friendship” and stressed that “there is no such thing as friendship,” and that “the people who surround you are full of lies, hypocrisy and exploitation.” Lying, hypocrisy and exploitation.”

She commented: “Not every friend tells you that I am your friend (..) there are people around you to deceive you and take advantage of you.

She confirmed that “she was unable to sing, after the friend’s call, because she felt oppressed.”

Shams Al-Ostoura repeated her denunciation after accusing her of “failing to inform her”, stressing: “I am not the one who transmits.