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Shams Al-Ostoura publishes her divorce instrument from Turki Al-Qarni

Shams Al-Ostoura publishes her divorce instrument from Turki Al-Qarni

date of publication:
Jul 02 2022 0:28 GMT

Update date: Jul 02 2022 3:10 GMT

The Saudi artist known as “Shams Al Ostoura” published her divorce instrument from Turki Al-Qarni, after she was accused of lying for “the trend”, and that she did not divorce.

The actress was accused of lying and fabricating the story of her divorce from Turki Al-Qarni in pursuit of the trend.

Shams Al-Ostoura appeared in a video clip on her pages on social media and published her “deed of divorce”, to deny the accusations leveled against her.

And the “legendary” criticized what was fabricated to her, noting that the life of celebrities has become permissible for everyone.

Turki recently appeared in a video on his personal account on “Snapchat”, and talked about rumors about his separation from Shams Al Ostoura.

He said: “Let me shorten something for you, so that you can rest. I confess to you my love for Shams. I will not find a wife again like Shams, and if Shams and I go back a second time, I will not marry again, and I will live my life single, so they relieve me and rest.”

Al-Ostoura published Al-Qarni’s video, through its account on “Snapchat” and commented on it: “I received this video from a Turkish account so that you can rest as he said, and you know that Turki is not the one who wanted a divorce, and for the record, I received my check, I mean, it is not a movie like that.” What some of you say.”

The Saudi artist had published a photo of her and her ex-husband through her personal account on the social networking site “Snapchat”, and wrote on it: “Officially, I announce my separation from Turki, and God will compensate me.”

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And she had previously announced, in early December of last year, her return to her ex-husband, Turki Al-Qarni, after previously appearing in several videos asking him to return to her, and expressing regret over their separation.

She said at the time that Turki Al-Qarni “was her last husband, and their life together was very beautiful, but there were many things that entered their lives and pushed them to collapse,” continuing that “their relationship will return again.”

“Shams al-Ostoura” also appeared in previous videos, in which she documented her visit to the mother of her ex-husband al-Qarni, in an attempt to restore their marital relationship.

A friend accused her of being “the reason for her divorce,” as she confirmed in a video clip broadcast on “Snapchat” that the friend “opened a fire door, and was throwing abusive words between her and her husband, which led to continuous disputes between them, which ended in separation.”

She confirmed that her ex-husband “is a man in the truest sense of the word,” admitting that “she was abusing him by speaking among people, at a time when he only said good things about her.”

She said, “Her ex-husband, a Turk, has not been cut off from her, and has not completely left her life, as he is still running projects between them, solving all work problems, and relies on him a lot, and he has a good relationship with their children.”