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جانب من ندوة

“Sharjah Book” examines the worlds of the novel and ancient and contemporary literature

The activities of the 40th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair brought together Algerian writers residing in France, Yasmina Khadra and Wassini Al-Araj, in one literary symposium entitled “The Novel and Its Surroundings”.

The writer Yasmina Khadra said that literature is a revolution, a struggle and an issue of creativity, recalling flashes of his biography on a global journey.

He stressed that he still has great dreams to reach literature in more than one place, as he is one of the most living writers in France to translate their works, noting that the writer writes what he means and what he thinks he has understood.

The novelist Wassini Al-Araj reviewed the details of his works and the worlds of the novel, which is a journey and a series of entering the human soul with its fractures, failures, and glow. Through this journey, great or medium novels are born, so the novel may cost you yourself and you must take into account these risks.

It is also the art of going down to the daily discourse with all its spaciousness, and it is linked to happiness for me, and the writer has to put this in mind.

On the other hand, a group of female novelists emphasized that literature can change societies. There is no difference in that between ancient or contemporary literature. Students should look at ancient literature through analysis, know-how and deep understanding, as its texts are full of moral and human principles that elevate society and advance its members.

This came during the “Towards Humanity” session, which hosted a group of female academics and novelists who discussed the role of writing in changing societies and the impact of knowledge sources on changing human life for the better.

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The session was attended by the Iraqi journalist and novelist Inaam Kaja Ji, Donatella Di Petrantonio, the Italian novelist who won the Campello Prize and the Naples Prize, among others, and Dr. Laila Al-Obaidi, Professor of Ancient Literature at the Department of Arabic Language at the College of Arts at the University of Sharjah.

The activities of the Sharjah International Book Fair also hosted a session entitled “Contemporary Theory” in which Jalal Barjas, the Jordanian poet and novelist, whose novel “The Notebooks of Warraq” won the International Prize for Arabic Fiction “The Booker” for the year 2021, and Dr. High Tech.

Barjas and Al-Hashimi stressed during the session that the Arab critical practice is limited to the corridors of universities, academic elites and research studies, and that it is difficult to reach the ordinary reader.

They pointed out that the critical vacuum that the Arab world is going through has created critical readers, which is a somewhat healthy aspect, but it has not reached the level that the Arab critical arena aspires to in the field of literature in general and the novel in particular.

The poets, Dr. Salah Jarrar and Abdullah Abu Bakr, flew to the audience at the Sharjah International Book Fair during the poetry evening hosted by the cultural café of the exhibition entitled “Rhythm Gardens”, which brought together two poets who unite their experiences of devotion to poetry music and celebration of the word within poems woven professionally on the weights and interactions of Hebron.

On the other hand, Major Dr. Muhammad Khalfan Al Kindi, Director of Traffic Affairs Branch of the Eastern Region Police Department at Sharjah Police, signed his new publication entitled “The Role of Security Media in Confronting Extremist Ideology/A Field Study” at the book signing platform at the Sharjah International Book Fair.

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The Canadian major said that his book deals with the security media and the role it plays in confronting extremist ideas and negative behaviors in society.

He pointed to the prominent roles played by the security media in the UAE in immunizing society through proactive awareness of these phenomena.