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«Sharjah Book» .. Purposeful plays and mobile shows

«Sharjah Book» .. Purposeful plays and mobile shows

Sharjah (Union)

Under the slogan “Here .. you have a book”, the Sharjah International Book Fair, in its fortieth session, which will start on the third of next November, and will continue to the thirteenth of the same month, will present 5 plays and 8 musical performances, in which it transports its audience, adults and children, to worlds A magic of entertainment, fun and learning, opening new windows to the performing arts and theater from different countries of the world. In a series of performances presented by the exhibition, the exhibition will host a group of artists specialized in the fields of performance, performance arts, acting, playing and sound effects, and storytellers. Of the enemies of success wishing to obstruct the march of the dream.

On the stage of the exhibition, the audience will live in times of suspense and adventure in a show starring and representing: Badr Al-Shuaibi, Fahd Al-Bannai, Hanadi Al-Kandari, Fahd Al-Saleh, Ghorar Safar, Ahmed bin Hussein and Kifah Al-Rajeeb. 11,12,13 November next.
The audience of Indian culture will have a share of theatrical performances in this session, as on November 5, a theatrical performance entitled “Ghalib in New Delhi”, a comedy work that has been shown for a long time in India and is widely popular, tells about the story of the return of the poet Mirza Ghalib to life in India during The twenty-first century, and presents the audience with paradoxes and situations that combine comedy, and contemplate the impact of temporal transformations in human life.

The first day of the exhibition will also witness the presentation of a theatrical work entitled “Symphony of Living Books”, which takes the audience in a live experience to a world dominated by the voices of readers. On November 8, the exhibition will witness a play entitled “Interactive Imagination”, which mixes fantasy, illusion, reality and technology, in an artistic framework inspired by books, pictures and animation. And funny, it does not rely on serious scientific humor as much as it displays the madness of science and its amazing paradoxes.
As for the roving shows, the exhibition will present 8 shows that fascinate the audience with a variety of surprises, and they will be held in the corridors of the exhibition accompanied by music, dance, singing and fashion.

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