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“Sharjah Space Science” organizes a training workshop

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The Sharjah Academy for Astronomy and Space Science and Technology at the University of Sharjah organized a series of levels of the Systems Toolkit (STK) program for the staff of the Academy and students of the College of Engineering and Science at the University, with the aim of providing them with basic applied skills and knowledge of space systems engineering, which lasts for a whole month, and the workshops are held in the room. Smart in the academy.

the workshops

The workshops included an integrated set of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels delivered by Diego Rodriguez, General Manager of Las Tech Consulting, with the organization of the Cube Satellite Laboratory in the Research and Scientific Projects Department. Wired and wireless, which is characterized by precision in analyzing the performance of complex systems in physics and focusing on their operation.

systems modeling

The program will include practical applications on systems modeling within a realistic and dynamic three-dimensional simulation that includes high-resolution terrain, images and radio frequency environments, in addition to defining and building accurate models of land, sea and air and integrating them to represent existing and proposed systems. At the beginner level, it will introduce the basics of the STK program and the way to create scenarios that simulate space missions such as the orbit of the satellite around the Earth and flight systems through the installation of its sensors, in addition to analyzing data by creating reports, recording videos and detailed graphics showing the movement of the vehicle in orbit.

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As for the intermediate level, it will address more advanced skills for simulations using the basic units of the STK program, tools of the analysis platform, and radars, communications and air navigation systems will be covered. At the advanced level, the program will contain seven individual specialized tracks that focus more on practical application, and each track will include a set of STK Recommended Tutorials.