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"Sharjah Space Science" participates in a conference in Canada

“Sharjah Space Science” participates in a conference in Canada

Sharjah (Union)

The Sharjah Academy for Astronomy and Space Science and Technology of the University of Sharjah recently participated in a working paper in the 6-day conference of astronomical telescopes and metrology devices, organized by the Society of Optical Metrology Engineers in Montreal, Canada, in the presence of a number of engineers and scientists from various international space agencies, universities and private companies. The development of space systems, with the aim of highlighting the efforts of the UAE and the Emirate of Sharjah in space science and technology and astronomy, and presenting the most prominent findings of the Academy within the framework of its keenness on international participation and scientific research. Youssef Farroukh, a laboratory engineer in the Scientific Research and Projects Department of the Cube Satellite Laboratory, participated in a scientific working paper that reflected the achievements and development of the emirate, during which he dealt with the design, testing and validation of the initial science payload for the Sharjah Sat-1 satellite mission, and an improved X-ray detector that aims to monitor Bright and solid X-ray sources in our galaxy and solar coronal holes to study their effect on space weather. He also presented an introductory wall poster to discuss how to manufacture the secondary payload of the Sharjah SAT-1 satellite, which consists of two optical cameras, lenses and sensors ready for commercial use, and to test the Sharjah-Sat-1 dual optical camera system. Where the camera system will be used for remote sensing applications, and capturing attractive images of the city of Sharjah and the various cities of the country.

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