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Sharks glow in the dark for two hours

Discover a team of researchers sharks Rare ketvin, which is the largest luminous deep-water marine organism, 1.8 meters long, at a depth of 800 meters east of New Zealand.

“This type of Sharks Two or three hormones stimulate or slow down the emission of light, this glowing process is slow and takes time, and once it occurs a light upshark For an hour or two, it can’t turn itself off quickly,” according to the Guardian newspaper.

After discovering the luminous sharks, Malefit carefully moved one of them to a dark room, and in this darkness he could see a live shark glowing blue and green.

own Sharks Small cup-shaped structures spread across its skin, and in the center of each cup are light-emitting cells and a lens that directs the light out.

Small sizes of sharksu ketvin her backbone to warn strangers to stay away from her, as well as some males Sharks They light up their genitals during the mating period. While many of these fish also have stomachs that can light up so that their light mixes with the blue light from the surface in order to be hidden from other animals. As for the large sizes of this type of sharks, their stomachs light up to reveal the sea floor, so that they can clearly see their prey.

Beach closed for 48 hours .. due to a white shark attack on a woman in San Diego

and still sharks The luminous ketvin holds mysterious secrets regarding how it produces light in the first place, especially since many luminous sea creatures contain symbiotic bacteria in their bodies that help illuminate them, but none of them have been found in sharks luminous ketvin

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Some other luminous organisms produce chemicals that carry out reactions that produce light, but they have not been shown to be present in ketvin sharks either, which makes it a mystery to scientists.