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مهرجان شرم الشيخ الدولي للمسرح الشبابي يحتفي بالمسرح الإيطالي ورموزه

Sharm El-Sheikh International Youth Theater Festival celebrates Italian theater

05:01 a.m

Monday, November 28, 2022

I wrote – Manal El Geyoushi:

Photography – Mahmoud Abdel Nasser:

The Sharm El-Sheikh International Festival for Youth Theater celebrated the Italian theater and its symbols, during the activities of the seventh session of the festival. The symposium was moderated by the writer Ibrahim Al-Husseini. The symposium was attended by the festival’s president, Mazen Al-Gharabawi, the Italian cultural advisor David Scalmani, Dr. Abu Al-Hassan Salam, and the critic Mohamed Al-Rouby.

The head of the festival, Mazen Al-Gharabawi, said: I am happy with the cooperation between Sharm El-Sheikh International Youth Theater and the Italian Cultural Center represented by the cultural advisor, David Skalmani. And before that, we will hear from cultural advisor David Scalmani.

For his part, David Scalmani said: I am happy for Wajdi about the Sharm El-Sheikh Festival for Youth Theater, and through theater we can create positive energy between the Egyptian and Italian peoples. Where did the Italian theater arrive?

Skalmani continued, the Egyptian civilization is much older than the Italian civilization, but there are common things between the two civilizations, and we need more time to talk about the most important parts of the history of the Italian theater, and one of the most important problems that the Italian theater faces is the lack of existing texts, despite the many types of theater in Italy, but the lack of theatrical texts in The reality of the Italian theater is the one that represents the obstacle throughout the history of the Italian theatrical movement, and I hope that there will be many translations of Italian texts, and in the future we would like the Italian theater to be in contact with all countries and that communication be based on principled foundations and not just Italian performances only.

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Researcher Muhammad Kamel said: In the 16th century there were inspirations for Italian theater artists and writers such as William Shakespeare, and after this stage developments took place in the Italian theater, and opera and many genres appeared, and the twentieth century is considered one of the times that culminated in the march of the Italian theater and two of his writers won the Nobel Prize After this stage, new genres appeared, but in the end it emphasizes the desired development in the forms of Italian theater.

And he continued: Prandello created the idea of ​​theater within the theater and experienced many revolutions in Italy, and these revolutions made him bring out ideas towards freedom, and the main idea of ​​Pirandello’s is that the theater began to emerge from the womb of suffering freedom, and this was evident in the play Six Characters Looking for an Author, and in another play it was her idea It is based on the incomprehensible husband and wife and that women do not have any rights just by taking a social title only. As for the plays in the modern era in Italy, they began to be affected by the influences that degrade them, but they eradicated terrorism, and this is no less than the revolutions and wars that writers experienced in ancient times.

Dr. Abu Al-Hassan Salam said: Italian theater is one of the most important arts that transferred to us the art of theater from Greece and added to it what is commensurate with the new culture. The Italian theater is counted in its great history as the art of pantomime, and it had no foundation, and the one who laid the foundation is the Italian theater in the Roman era, and it mentions the incident of the emperor who cut off the tongue of one of the actors, and after that the acting became for a long time represented by the mime and the pantomime, and the greatness of this Italian history called Shakespeare to deal with multiple topics Like Merchant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet.

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It is noteworthy that this year’s session of the festival bears the name of the great artist Nabil Al-Alfi, and the State of Iraq will be an honorary guest for the seventh session. Under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, and Major General Staff Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai.