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Shatha Hassoun shows off her elegance with an attractive look.. Watch

Shatha Hassoun shows off her elegance with an attractive look.. Watch

duration/ The Iraqi artist, Shatha Hassoun, was keen to share her followers through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, with new pictures from her latest appearance.

Shatha Hassoun starred in the pictures with an attractive look, as she wore a medium-length dress with open sleeves, and the dress was characterized by crochet and that it combined red and black.

Shatha Hassoun wore elegant high-heeled shoes in black, while she completed her look with a medium-sized handbag in red and was adorned with some elegant accessories and jewelry that gave her an attractive look.

Aesthetically speaking, Shatha Hassoun relied on her tufts of wavy hair that fell on her shoulders, and put on an attractive make-up based on calm earthy colors consistent with her skin tone.

Shatha Hassoun’s looks

Shatha Hassoun has a refined and refined taste in choosing the looks that she appears on various occasions or the photo sessions she undergoes. She is always keen on diversity and innovation, whether in casual or classic clothes.

Shatha Hassoun’s looks are characterized by being up to date with the latest fashions, as they depend on the clothes that bear the signature of the fashion house and international brands such as Fendi, Gucci and other international brands.

Shatha Hassoun coordinates jewelry and accessories, in addition to wearing high-end and elegant bags and shoes that increase her elegance and give her an attractive appearance.

Shatha Hassoun also relies on hairstyles and makeup trends that are consistent with her and that highlight the beauty of her features.

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It is reported that the Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun said that she describes herself as “Number One”, similar to the artist Muhammad Ramadan, explaining: “It is nice that everyone sees himself and says I am Number One.”

This came during her meeting with the ET Arabic program, in response to her position on the controversy of the first Iraqi star, after she tweeted with Number One in conjunction with a meeting with Rahma Riyad, during which she announced that she is the first star of Iraq.

Shatha Hassoun explained: “I am the 14-year-old who sings. I did not succeed with a song or two songs, and I did not succeed for a year or two. I am not a beginner unit.”