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She described the president of Tunisia as a robot.. A wave of anger from a Muslim Brotherhood activist

She described the president of Tunisia as a robot.. A wave of anger from a Muslim Brotherhood activist

Over the past two days, the Tunisian scene on social media has not calmed down from criticism of a Muslim Brotherhood activist, who described Tunisian President Kais Saied Robot, coup and other offensive expressions.

Tawakkol Croman’s account on Twitter and Facebook was bombarded with a huge number of comments criticizing her statements about Saeed, while others called on her to pay attention to her country’s affairs and not to interfere in Tunisian affairs.

“Defending the Brotherhood’s Arms”

In addition, Tunisian activists directed her several criticisms, which she mentioned about the many fluctuations in her attitudes towards a number of political files, including Tunisia.

Others accused her of always defending the Brotherhood’s arms wherever they settled, including the Tunisian Ennahda Movement.

The Yemeni activist had described Saeed in a post on her account on Facebook and Twitter with the robot, considering it “a disgrace and disgrace on the forehead of the country and its revolution.”

Tunisian Labor Union

Labor union agitation

However, she was not satisfied with that, but today, Tuesday, she also criticized the position General Federation of LaborAmong the measures that Saeed took last July in terms of suspending the work of Parliament, considering it an evasive and inappropriate position.

And she wrote in a tweet on her Twitter account: The ambivalent position of the Tunisian Labor Union regarding the coup of Qais bin Said is unexpected and inappropriate for the union’s history and position.

Tawakkol Karman (archive - AFP)

Tawakkol Karman (archive – AFP)

What renewed the wave of criticism of it, and one of the tweeters commented, “Tunisia is better and safer without the Brotherhood.”

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The most famous and effective trade union in the country announced yesterday, Monday, its rejection of the Ennahda movement’s initiative to organize a national dialogue, after it abort and disrupted its previous initiative to solve and end the crisis in Tunisia.

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian president, after months of staving off the political crisis in the country, amid the inability to form a government, announced on July 25, the freezing of parliament, stripping its members of immunity, dismissing the government and assuming the executive authority himself, in measures he asserted are necessary to save state institutions.

He also stressed at the time that the Tunisian constitution stipulates these steps in specific cases.