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She entered the world of poetry to defend Muslim women.. Hanan Issa, the first veiled woman to win a prestigious literary title in the UK |  Culture

She entered the world of poetry to defend Muslim women.. Hanan Issa, the first veiled woman to win a prestigious literary title in the UK | Culture

London – British Muslim poet and filmmaker Hanan Issa has won the title of “National Poet of Wales”, making her the poetry and cultural leader of Wales for 3 years, becoming the first Muslim woman to hold the title. Its owner – for 3 years – the diverse cultures and languages ​​of the people of Wales with a population of over 3 million.

Hanan – who is of Iraqi and Welsh descent – won the title with great interest in literary circles to learn about the work of this young poet, who drew attention to her, learning that she entered the world of writing as a way to rehabilitate women after assault. Political statements against Muslim women, so Hanan defends Pena about women who look like her and are victims of injustice and racism.

In this conversation with Al Jazeera, Hannon, who has just released his book “My Body Can Hold Two Hearts”, reveals how he made his way into literary circles as the poetic face of Wales, a western part of the United Kingdom. England.

  • Can you tell us more about Hanan Issa?

I’m a British Muslim citizen living in Cardiff – the capital of Wales – with my husband, son and cat, I’m a poet but I enjoy finding other creative expression such as directing, acting and painting.

  • When did your interest in poetry and writing begin?

I’ve always written poetry, and I wrote a lot about dragons in the beginning, and even though it was a strange choice, writing about it gives me a sense of comfort, and that’s why I continued to write.

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But when former British Prime Minister David Cameron decided to make ridiculous and offensive comments about Muslim women in Britain, the event I decided to publish was a great political event.

I was very angry when I heard him talk about Muslim women not integrating into the society and not affecting or benefiting the environment they live in. Doctors, nurses and scientists working in top labs and women workers in government departments, lawyers, professors and artists, who contribute to society in every way, so I am tired of these insulting statements.

That’s why I decided to express what I was thinking and write an angry speech, which I published on my Facebook page, which was widely accepted and accepted by the pioneers of social networks, and after that I published that I was writing. My page turned to publishing my poetic works and literary texts and short stories and gradually my name became known in literary circles in Wales.

  • What is the main theme of your poetic writings and what message does it convey?

I like to write about anything and everything, but the important thing is that there are certain themes that move me, inspire me, and relate to themes of identity, language, nature, and belonging. , history and mythology, these are the themes I focus on in my poetic writing.

  • Tell us more about the title “National Poet of Wales”?

Wales has an organization called “Literature Wales”, a national organization concerned with development and culture, which selects a poet to be the face of the country and gives him the title “National Poet of Wales”. The title gives a strong impetus to literature in Wales, and to the promotion of life and its illumination through culture and poetry.

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The project started in 2005 and features titles from well-known literary names in Wales and the United Kingdom such as “Gwyneth Lewis”, “Quinn Thomas” and “Gillian Clarke”.

The title is held by its holder for a period of 3 years and is the poetic representative of Wales, both within and outside the country, and at major festivals and recipients.

It is the title holder’s responsibility to bring poetry to new audiences, to encourage others to use their voices to communicate all their creative work, to inspire and polish those with real talent, and to give them the opportunity to showcase it.

  • How do you feel after knowing that you have won this title?

I am very excited about this new challenge and am developing a clear plan to fully fulfill this role, but in my own way so as not to be a duplicate of the previous titles.

  • How do you feel being the first Muslim woman to win this title?

I am grateful for this opportunity to showcase the greatness of Muslim women, change many superstitions about Muslim women at home and abroad, inspire other women, and show the world their strengths and capabilities.

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