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She prostrated at her wedding and caused an uproar in Egypt. Hassan Shakoush’s wife responds

Hassan Shakoush’s wife, who is prostrating on the ground at her wedding – from the communication sites

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After the wife of the Egyptian artist, Hassan Shakoush, was subjected to a torrent of criticism, due to her prostration during their wedding ceremony that took place on Friday, the bride broke her silence to explain the reason for what happened.

Reem Tariq, the wife of mahraganat singer Hassan Shakoush, commented for the first time on the controversy she caused on social media, after she prostrated herself in her white dress at their wedding.

Hassan Shakoush’s wife confirmed that her prostration in joy was not an act of the moment, refusing to accuse her of searching for a “trend”, and said in statements to the “ET in Arabic” program, “This is something far from social media, and no one can laugh at our Lord.”

She also added, “I was making a covenant with myself. When I enter the first look, I must prostrate and thank our Lord because he compensated me with goodness. He is the best person in the world in my eyes.”

For his part, Hassan Shakoush commented: “It is not an obligation to pray.”

Engagement of 3 years

Likewise, Reem Tariq revealed details of her association with Hassan Shakoush, explaining: “We are neighbors from when we are children, and after that we walked from the area and 10 years ago, you did not see him, and he asked Alia and said he wanted to marry me.”

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And the groom intervened in the dialogue, saying: “I asked for her hand 3 years ago, but she was engaged, and our Lord honored me and she was my lot.”

Hassan Shakoush with his wife – a photo from his Instagram account

Uproar.. and inappropriate behavior

The pictures of the popular singer’s wife caused an uproar in the Egyptian street, while she was prostrating on the ground in a white wedding dress, while taking pictures of the wedding, with joy in her association with the owner of the song “Bint Al Jeeran”.

Tweeters considered that her prostration, while wearing an open dress on the shoulders and chest, was inappropriate.

While the Egyptian broadcaster Radwa El-Sherbiny intervened on the line, describing the movement as exaggerated, she said, “We used to see that soccer players prostrate when they answer a tour, but one will prostrate in joy, thanking our Lord in front of people and journalists. We have not seen this before.”

And she continued, “Everyone is free to express his joy in the way he likes. This is not our problem, but our problem is in the scene that we see and I do not want what happened. This remains a trend and brides on the day of their joy prostrate in front of people like this. No, you prostrate to our Lord over your husband in your room.”

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