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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid announces the launch of a new mission, “Explorer Rashid 2”, to reach the moon

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, announced the inauguration of a new mission to explore the moon “Rashid 2” during his visit yesterday to the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, accompanied by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and brought them together for a meeting with the center’s work team to discuss the launch of the explorer Rashid 2.

Explorer Rashid Mission 2

And during the official account of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid on the social networking platform Twitter, he announced that the mission of the vehicle, “Explorer Rashid”, had failed to land on The surface of the moonNevertheless, the UAE was able to raise the ceiling of its ambition to reach the moon with the capabilities of the country’s youth and girls who are able to manage space projects within 10 years, and he tweeted, saying, “Today, explorer Rashid 1 on the surface of the moon carries the UAE flag, to constitute the greatest evidence of our courage, our thinking outside the box, and our attempt to reach the moon.”

Regarding the launch of the “Explorer Rashid 2” mission, the ruler of Dubai explained that work on it will start from today in order to achieve the UAE’s ambition to land on the moon, tweeting, “We are a country founded on ambition, we are a country that has not stopped since December 2, 1971, and will not stop, nor turn around, nor will it give up.” Small goals for themselves.

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In turn, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed stated on his Twitter account, saying, “The biggest risk is not to take risks, as the one whose name bears the space center, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, says, and the nature of the space sector is the existence of a high risk rate, and we accept that.”

And he went on, “We have had the honor of trying to reach a new point in the history of the UAE, and we have had the honor of raising our ambitions so that space, its planets and stars will be its ceiling.”

Statement of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center

In turn, the Mohammed bin Rashid Center announced the failure of the landing of the vehicle “Hakuto R” on the surface of the moon, and during the statement thanked and appreciated the great efforts that were made to achieve success in reaching the moon. In achieving more achievements in the field of space exploration.

For his part, Salem Hamid Al-Marri, Director General of the Center, stated that the mission is a starting point for the first Arab-Emirati explorer, and during his tweet on his official account on the Twitter platform, he was keen to thank the team that worked day and night to launch the first mission to the moon.

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