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Shepirov: Mayor Petra Venturova has Baráčnická kasička in her office

Shepirov: Mayor Petra Venturova has Baráčnická kasička in her office

While they’ve been in the municipality since 2006, they’ve already sat in the mayor’s chair Four mayors and one mayorIn Chepirov, on the outskirts of Prague, where about 3,000 residents live, he has since held the post of mayor. Only in 2014-2017 Miroslav Dostal (Top 09) replaced “Ventorova” as mayor. However, the years he spent in the position did not affect her office much.

“When I came to the mayor position, she was standing there Socialist desk with antique furniture‘ says the mayor. ‘I gave it up and bought a new one, otherwise it hasn’t changed much, which doesn’t bother me at all. I won’t invest in office equipment because I know I’m here temporarily‘,” he says, saying the town hall could move in soon.

It is currently located in a building that was used as a residence before the office was established. Its equipment and capacity are not entirely satisfactory. “Furthermore, I am not the type to sit at a desk eight hours a day. I spend 50% of my time outside on the go.”

Swimming Medal Winner

The mayor has a purely positive attitude towards movement and sports in particular. Before she entered the political waters, as a race swimmer, she was also wading in real water in puddles..

Mayor Petra Venturova.

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“Sport teaches you the principles of fair play, but also determination. In individual sports, it is more specific in that Potential Failure One cannot seduce another person. And I see politics quite similarly,” says Ventorova, for example Bronze medalist from the European Junior Championships. She hasn’t stopped swimming – coronavirus measures permitting, she’s training kids in swimming pools.

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Baráčnická kasička

However, when he is not on the move and official duties are called, he is of course usually available at Town Hall in the office. It is located around Room with windows leading to the town hall garden. It is meticulously maintained, similar to the mayor’s office, where, unlike her colleagues’ offices in Prague, there is not much room for any decorations.

Although Mayor Ventur doesn’t pay much attention to decorating her private office, the view from her window is worth it – beautifully maintained gardens and healthy, mature trees. An uncommon sight in spring, summer or winter, when greenery disappears under a blanket of snow.

Author: David Winter

I don’t like hoardingVenturová shrugs his shoulders. “I try to keep the desk organized and have a reason for what it looks like. When someone comes after me, then I don’t want him to come to a broken and confusing office,” he explains.

Illustrative image

There is something interesting to see after all. Specifically, it is an old red cash box from Šeberov Baráčník, which was brought in the form of an old house and which was located in the attic of the town hall. “We just knew that The most precious treasure we have preserved from the earth“It respects. “The barracks is a social organization that respects historical traditions, it organizes, for example, balls, and various parties in our country,” explains the mayor.

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Apart from the money box, it also has a well-equipped desk A map and aerial photograph of Sepirov “We just knew that village. And to some extent, I think so We can be the last village in Prague that will truly retain its village character,” he says of the aerial photograph, which shows the development of Villa Sepirov and Herns in the midst of greenery.

Vaclav Drahord has been sitting at the head of the jezd district near Průhonice continuously since 2006. How did he set up his office?

“We just knew that High voltage substation and protected nature area, making a large area of ​​land unstoppable. In addition, we have the nearby Hostivař or Kunratice Forest, as well as Průhonice Park, so to the wild we really have near,” one Uber native recounts.

Despite her good electricity supply, ironically, her TV is not working in her office. “We just knew that decorationVentur smiles. “How Televisions have switched to broadcasting digital signals, so it stopped working and since then we haven’t really started it, we didn’t need it.”

The facts and the school

The mayor’s office also specializes Historical calendar opposite the entrance, according to which the model of the future primary school, which is being prepared in Siberov, is currently on display. The state should be in the middle of the city district.

“We just knew that School, which will connect Sheperov and Hrenzich, because both units, although they are located under one part of the city, consist of two disparate settlements, separated by a road of about one kilometer ”, says the mayor. “The school will stand in such a way that the people of Shepirov will be And Herncity have the same distance to her.” She still works in Shepirov. The only school that only has a first grade. Older students usually have to travel to the southern city for education.

And while the school model is a harbinger of things to come, On one of the shelves, the mayor stored a legacy of years past. It’s local dating, but not just any kind. In addition to important days in the history of the city district, it contains several records of the golden weddings of local residents. But the record is incomplete. “Unfortunately, our ancestors stopped completing it in the 80s. It would be nice to return to this tradition one day. “