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شريهان وحكاية ابنتها الثانية.. انجبتها بعد فريضة الحج رغم تحذير الأطباء

Sherihan and the story of her second daughter… She gave birth to her after the Hajj, despite the doctors’ warning

issue name Actress Sherihan Recently on Google, after she told the story of her giving birth to her second daughter, in a touching message to her during her birthday celebration, describing the matter as a wish on the lips of her older sister who wished for a sister to play with her, which was painful because she knew that it was impossible by the doctors who told her That it is impossible.

Sherihan on Instagram

The full story of Sherihan’s birth of her second daughter

Sherihan, through her official account on the Instagram website, recounted the whole story, saying: “You are a dream and a wish that your sister Lulua made to me, when she was eight to ten years old. She told me I want a sister to play with me and play with her.“.

Sherihan and her daughter
Sherihan and her daughter

Sherihan’s supplication while performing Hajj

Sherihan continued the novel after that by saying, “In the same year, December 2008, I went to perform the two pilgrimages, and I was in my tent, I asked for you from my Lord and I read Surat Maryam and said to my Lord, I will name her Mary or the next of the Holy Qur’an.».

Sherihan with her daughter
Sherihan with her daughter

Sherihan.. Doctors tell her the difficulty and danger of it

Sherihan continued, “I informed my doctors, and they said to me, it is not possible and impossible, pregnancy makes the disease active and fierce in its spread and impossible, and for the choice to choose and I choose between two things: raising and taking care of Lulu or gifting it to a brother or sister, so I chose the gift of my Lord and I told them He knows and you do not know, the gift.” It will not be rejected, let alone if it is from the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, and He said to you, “Be my prayer.”

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Sherihan’s message to her daughter Talia

Sherihan concluded her words to her young daughter, following the Qur’an, by saying: “Every year, you are good, mercy, healing, peace, future and hope for tomorrow, my little angel, your sister’s wish, and my answered prayer, following the Holy Qur’an.”