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Sherihan comments on the crisis of the leaked recording of Hossam Habib’s father – thought and art – stars and celebrities

In her first comment on the position of the artist Hossam Habib, regarding the leaked audio recording of his father, Hussein Habib, two days ago, the artist Sherihan said that masculinity is actions, not words. Pointing out that the real man shows the time of adversity.

The Egyptian actress commented on her Twitter account: “Masculinity is actions, not words.. Hossam Habib.”

And the artist “Habib” responded to the audio recording – which his father denied being his voice, stressing that the recording was fake – sarcastic: “What do you think about me laughing at Shireen? And take a credit card Btatha? Tomorrow, we will make a video of the court.”

Habib accused a number of people of trying to exploit his wife, artist, Sherine Abdel Wahab, and described some of them as the closest people to them, and that they want to set them up. He added: “He helped Sherine understand her rights, and confirmed that Sherine has a company that runs her business and has nothing to do with it.”

He said, “Sherine does not need anyone to issue orders to her or direct her, because he married her and she is the most successful singer in the Arab world.”

On the other hand, the artist “Abdul Wahab” commented on the audio recording, which her father-in-law described as fake, saying on Twitter: “I am all like this, I belong to Hossam, and Josie is the son of people, rooted and the son of a very respectable family.”

And she added: “Hossam is a man who does not have a uniform of salvation, and he does not accept any mistake against his family or family, and the man said that he married me for 4 years, and he did not make a song that we would even record for himself, and our Lord mocked him for me and my daughter to protect us.” And she added: “Hossam came out all the hardships in my life, and cleaned our whole lives.” And Hussam loves me more than myself, and he never hurt me.”


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