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Sherine Abdel Wahab went beyond the limits of literature with Bahaa El Din Muhammad.. He revealed what she did in his office without shame!!

Sherine Abdel Wahab went beyond the limits of literature with Bahaa El Din Muhammad.. He revealed what she did in his office without shame!!

The poet Bahaa El-Din Muhammad opened fire on the Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab after she answered a question about the song she most regretted presenting, through the “Ask me” segment, in which she conducted a dialogue with the audience on the feature of the comics attached to her account with “Instagram”. She answered the question that the song is “Majharanish”, which Bahaa wrote for her.

And through his official account on the “Facebook” website, Bahaa El-Din Muhammad responded to this statement with a post in which he attacked Sherine, saying: “I am not accustomed to responding to anyone … but when someone exceeds his limits, he must stand in his place, and he knows that no matter how accustomed to mistakes, he must come to some. The names, he is held accountable, and he is clear of his mind, especially when he is involved in every disaster he is defending.. and he will speak very briefly. He also said in his response: “The first scene, the first day Sherine Abdel Wahab entered my office, she was with Professor Nasr Mahrous, who is the one who is credited with presenting it, Minutes after the meeting, we met Sherine crying, and Nasr asked her to tell me why she replied, because I am with Professor Bahaa.

And he added: “And the second scene I nominated her to sing a lot with love, and without Nasr’s approval, out of respect for the ten who we used, she would not have sung it, because she was suspended from the union.”

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He continued: The third scene, when I was surprised by Sherine Abdel Wahab’s business manager, the man whom I love and respect, I met him talking to me on her behalf and saying he heard me the new, and this is of course a mistake because the one who sings, whatever his name is, is not supposed to make a mistake like this, because this scene is not suitable for the first scene. .

And he continued: The fourth and final scene of the song “Majjarhanish”, I have not yet liked Sherine’s singing with my full respect for her voice, and for sure, had it not been for Mr. Nasr, the meeting would not have taken place… And “Majjarhanish” is one of my most important works and I have the right to defend it as a result of the recklessness that I sang.

And he concluded by saying: “And for the first time I meet someone who fights himself and makes a mistake in the creators who participated in its manufacture.. As I write this, Shireen is wrong as usual, but I had to say it. Do not do this again while you are growing up, but you will not exceed the limits of the size of some names or their works.”