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Shiitake, chaga, reishi, oyster mushrooms, cordyceps: the power of medicinal mushrooms

Shiitake, chaga, reishi, oyster mushrooms, cordyceps: the power of medicinal mushrooms

When it comes to boosting immunity, it is customary to include citrus fruits and other fruits, vegetables or spicy spices in the diet. On the contrary, few people bet on the mushroom, while its potential is at least comparable! Medicinal if you want medicinal mushrooms It contains a number of valuable antioxidants, has a great impact on physical and mental health, supports immunity, and also talks about its anti-cancer effects.

Mushrooms that heal

Mushrooms that contain a mixture of powerful antioxidantsAnd the There are various beta-glucans (a polysaccharide that helps maintain the body’s defenses) and other valuable nutrients, and new varieties appear every now and then, which are also deservedly gaining popularity. We will now present to you at least the most famous of them.

  • ShiitakeEdible shiitake is called the queen of taste among medicinal mushrooms. It is useful to have it fresh or at least dry it. Like most medicinal mushrooms, it is a source of betaglucan, which has a powerful antioxidant effect, has an excellent effect on immunity, and is often associated with anti-cancer effects, as is the case with other lentins. Shiitake also has a great effect on blood pressure and regulates cholesterol levels.
  • ShagaA powerful antioxidant and excellent source of betaglucan is also the Siberian Chaga mushroom, which grows like parasites on trees. It has been used for healing in Russia for hundreds of years. In addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, it also helps with mental issues and fatigue.
  • featheryIn the mountainous regions of China, where feathery grows traditionally, it is called the mushroom of immortality. Rich in minerals, vitamins and other antioxidants, it greatly strengthens the immune system and supports mental health. In addition to the beneficial effect on physical fund, its effects on mental health are also highlighted. Relieves stress and depression, improves focus, helps sleep problems, and stimulates energy.
  • CordycepsThis Chinese parasitic fungus is a little scary. It is known to attack insects and then penetrate their body. However, this does not change how beneficial its consumption is to humans. Like the previous one, it boosts immunity, contains many antioxidants and has anti-cancer effects. Athletes often rely on it, as it supports physical performance and endurance.
  • Oyster mushroomsOyster mushroom is one of the most popular food sources of betaglucan in our country, which you can usually get in food, but you can also grow it. Its consumption contributes to stronger defense, supports the health of blood vessels, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels and has a positive effect on metabolism.

Photo: on Smith,

Oyster mushrooms are very healthy and great for use in the kitchen

Bet on nutritional supplements

Perhaps the most common medicinal mushrooms today are used in the form of various nutritional supplements. They are often herbal capsules and powders for mixing in water, other drinks, more concentrated tinctures, and syrups. Dried mushrooms can also be obtained for direct consumption. The tea is often made from Siberian chaga mushrooms.

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Strong, bitter, but surprisingly delicious tea is often made from Siberian chaga mushrooms

Grow medicinal mushrooms at home

Oyster mushroomsShiitake reishi, but you can also use other medicinal mushrooms Grow it at home And you don’t even need a garden for that. The easiest way for the user to use is to purchase a growing mass, thanks to which you can easily create a small mushroom garden directly in the apartment. These groups usually contain fungi, developing material (often straw), the substrate, and possibly other attachments. You finished with a few steps. Place the block in a place in the apartment where there is light but no strong direct sunlight. You can also grow mushrooms on the balcony, but the sun should not shine on it and outdoor temperatures should not exceed 20 degrees. And if you want to grow mushrooms in the garden, the best place is shade under trees.

Grow medicinal mushrooms But you can also just in a regular microtiter bag, you only need seedlings, substrate and straw. Some species like shiitake mushrooms or oyster mushrooms can be obtained in gardening or other specialty stores relatively easily, others are difficult to access and you will have to research a little. How do we do that?

Pour a few liters of hot water into a large bowl and add straw pellets in a 1: 2 ratio. Leave the mixture for one day. Then mix the mushroom seedlings and then fill the bags of microtine. Make some small holes in it and you can wait for the fungus to start growing.

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