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Shipping in the summer can be dangerous.  You have to be careful about this

Shipping in the summer can be dangerous. You have to be careful about this

Charging a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop at high temperatures may cause problems. There is a risk of slow charging, damage to the device, or even health risks. So, there are some basic rules that people have to follow.

In summer, people should avoid charging their cell phones outdoors. The lithium-ion batteries found in most consumer electronics devices charge very efficiently at an outside temperature of 10-30°C.

Charging may slow at higher temperatures. “The moment the phone or laptop overheats, the charging speed automatically slows down. This is a defense mechanism that partially protects the device from damage,” noted online store manager Radim Tlapak, in a press release.

In addition, the battery is more susceptible to overheating during charging. “If the user, in addition, exposes his device to sunlight during this process, even through window glass, he experiences an early loss of battery life. Ignition or explosion is fairly rare in these situations. However, even these situations cannot be excluded in the event of an overheating of the collectorTlapak said.

The problem can also occur in the car. Many people like to charge their electronic devices there. But if they don’t have air conditioning, temperatures often reach 60°C.

In addition, people often use their mobile phones to move around. While doing so, they charge their mobile phone on the windshield. So it is also heated by sunlight. So the accumulators get busy. The battery may catch fire later.

So people should charge mainly in cooler rooms. “If a user inevitably has to charge their devices in a warm environment, I recommend ventilation pads for laptops. It makes sense, then, to take smartphones out of their rubber or leather protective cases for a whilewhich often accumulate heat”, recommended Tlapák. According to him, people should let their devices cool slowly in a shaded place if they get too hot. They should definitely not be placed in refrigerators or freezers.

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Chargers will be standardized in the European Union in the near future: