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Shock Toyota and Lexus: Introducing 15 new electric cars at once

Shock Toyota and Lexus: Introducing 15 new electric cars at once

The Japanese brand has been aloof in the field of electric mobility, relying on its proven hybrids for years. But this will change in the coming years.

Yesterday, a mysterious invitation from Toyota arrived at the editorial office, which prompted us to broadcast online starting at 7:00 AM. It will be an important announcement regarding battery electric cars. However, perhaps no one expected the cost of the Toyota and Lexus brands.

The automaker’s president, Akio Toyoda, suddenly introduced fifteen different electric concepts for Toyota and Lexus on stage. By 2030, the Japanese want to introduce a total of 30 different electric cars. Toyoda believes the two brands could sell about 3.5 million electric cars by 2030, with a previous plan of 2 million: “We need to reduce emissions and scale up clean energy vehicles as quickly as possible.” Toyoda said.

“What we’re talking about here is a large number,” He said, comparing timid plans with Daimler and PSA, other major auto players with global reach such as Toyota. By 2035, the brand wants to become carbon neutral.


First, two electric cars with the bZ badge were introduced, which we will see in the near future. It’s basically a new bZ4X compact SUV and a small city-inspired crossover Aygem XIt is designed for Japan and Europe. However, the selection also includes a mid-size sedan that “meets the expectations of a first car” and a full-fat SUV.

These are all models that the automaker promises “affordable”. The other eleven concepts featured emphasize the versatility of both brands, with a selection of, say, complete off-road vehicles, pickup trucks and even electric sports supercars inspired by the legendary Lexus LFA.

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Toyoda added that some electric cars will be based on existing models, and in others they will be separate projects. For example, Toyota Hilux or Lexus NX concepts are remarkably similar to their combustion siblings. The Japanese still kept the details of individual models to themselves. However, Toyoda revealed that by 2030, Lexus will offer an electric car in all segments and will gradually become a purely electric brand. But about that later in a separate article…