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تفاصيل صادمة في معاناة بريطانيا لتوفير الطاقة

Shocking news Britain struggles to save electricity

A quarter of British adults struggle to heat their homes, according to a new survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The report shows that 23% of adults have never, rarely, or never been able to keep their room comfortably warm in the past two weeks.

ONS data indicates that 63% of adults use less gas and electricity due to the high cost of living, and 96% of these adults use less heating.

When asked what steps they took to stay warm this winter, 82% of participants reported using more clothing or blankets, 46% only using room heaters, 31% using hot water bottles or microwave heaters, and 27% going to bed early.

Also, other measures include reducing the use of dryers and washing machines and reducing rainfall.

According to the Office for National Statistics, many households have already reduced their energy use, with 34% of adults saying that reducing heating has negatively affected their health or well-being.

A study by the ONS on “The Impact of Winter Stress” found that 16% of adults worried they would run out of food before buying too much, and 19% cut their portion sizes. The study showed that 17% consumed food past its use-by date.

The survey of nearly 5,000 British households found the country’s inflation rate was 10.7% in November, up from 11.1% in the previous month, but still above the 2% target rate set by the Bank of England.