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Shocking study of plastic use by the British

Shocking study of plastic use by the British

For money, not for the environment.

According to a ‘big data’ study of more than 10,000 consumers, UK shoppers are avoiding disposable paper bags to save money instead of the planet.

According to a study by Nottingham University’s School of Business Excellent Lab Center, the dramatic decline in the use of plastic bags in the UK has had nothing to do with shoppers’ concern for the environment.

The study relies on more than a million loyalty card transactions to examine the psychological and demographic indicators for the purchase of single-use bags.

The researchers found that most men and young shoppers were more likely to buy bags, but their environmental concerns about whether or not to buy did not affect their results.

Despite the fact that all retailers in the UK are legally required to charge 10p per bag, plastic bag consumption results emerged at its annual peak during the festive season.

“So far, very little is known about those who regularly buy plastic bags – or who do not,” said co-author Dr. James Golding.

“Previous research focuses only on the personalities or motivations of consumers and is not critical of whether an individual’s beliefs are actually translated into real-world actions,” he continued.

“Our approach recognizes that people today are leaving in their awareness a huge amount of data that can help do social good and shed a lot of light on how they actually behave in practice,” he added.

This was determined from the original database of 1,284,825 transactions in 1,222 stores, and more than 10,000 consumers participated in a survey examining their environmental conditions, characteristics and perceptions.

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