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Shocking testimony of Evita Bartuchova's family: the singer was sick!

Shocking testimony of Evita Bartuchova’s family: the singer was sick!

Seven years ago Evita Bartuchova decided to end her life by jumping under a train. Now, many years after the tragic event, a close friend of the singer decided to talk about her condition before committing suicide. Bartuchova was said to be seriously ill!

Jarik Simik was a close friend of Evita Bartuchova. After her suicide, the composer and singer remained in contact with the family of the deceased star, specifically with her brother and mother.

Even many years after the tragic accident, Shemek remembers his friend with excruciating pain in his heart. “What I have in my heart cannot be said in just a few sentences. Not only is it up to me to discuss Evita’s life in front of me, but the truth is that he took her really hard. When I started working with her and saw my childhood love at our first meeting so poor, I was very shocked about it. I was really crying inside me. There was a whole wreck in front of me. But I told myself we have to prove it together, “imek made the web. a painful memory.

“I wanted to help her a lot so that a big guy could bring her back in full force and beauty and help Evita, where she belongs, at the forefront of pop music. I’ll skip how we did it, and how we managed to reduce the drinking to zero. For all of us it was a lot of hard work for all of us. To stop mentally and physically, but then, unfortunately, he turns again and Evita is in the strength of the people who have just completed the work of destruction, “says the musician, who does not hide the blame in his opinion, the last husband of Evita Bartuchova, Joseph Richhat!

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Jarek Jimek is not afraid of Rychtář, “Iveta didn’t have the strength to leave, she knew she was sick!”

“My friends and the great Evita family often discussed what the hell happened. We asked ourselves questions that bothered us, and most importantly, we were incredibly sorry that we had to watch our hands tied. Evita became more impoverished and in control, and she already knew she no longer had the strength to separate herself. On a man like Richat, “Garrick Simic and his widow do not marry after Bartouch’s napkins.

The musician, together with Evita B’s relatives, finally came to the conclusion that the singer probably knew that her end was near.

“Over time, on the basis of all the information we had, we came to another conclusion: Evita knew that she was very ill. Doctors warned her and told me next to her that she had very serious injuries. Do not stop drinking immediately, she will die. She was never allowed to touch alcohol again. Unfortunately, she was unable to prove it, especially with her last husband, ”the singer refers once again to Reichtsch’s unfortunate influence on Bartuchova.

“You couldn’t do it in such an environment,” Simic says.

Although Iveta Bartošová tried to defeat her demons, according to imek, she had no chance due to her problematic marriage to Rychtář. “No one can do it in such an environment. Evita probably knew the end was coming. Maybe she was already in severe pain, so she lost weight and looked very miserable towards the end. We think she reconciled with her departure, but he didn’t want her like that.” Son Arthur leaves agonized. Whether Richtai knew that was a question, “believes the composer.

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Simik says that the tragic fate of the singer should set an example for all mobile individuals.

“I hope Evita’s death was not just an unnecessary tragedy of one unfortunate singer, but that people are always reminded of the dangers of any addiction that can lead to human misfortune. Crutch, relax and forget about reality, but no one has ever before this on this path.” The blind. If someone has black thoughts, he should quickly remember Evita. It is still a reason to enjoy life even without crutches that can destroy us. “

Evita Bartuchova will recently celebrate her 55th birthday.

Source: YouTube