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Shogun in “Ghassil” .. an exciting Kuwaiti drama of 8 episodes

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The Kuwaiti actress, Shojun Al-Hajri, is hardly absent from the spotlight until she returns to her again, carrying a new dramatic work with her, to reveal the extent of the Kuwaiti actress’s preoccupation with playing various roles that convinced her, sometimes wearing a “Baby” dress and sometimes wearing the mask of the “Angel of Mercy” character that she witnessed from During it the worlds of crime, and before him she wore the victim’s dress in a “virgin”. And here Shajoun is preparing to appear again in “Ghassil”, in which she stands facing actor Abdullah Boushahri, as they represent a beautiful duo.

Through “Ghassil”, Shajoun Al-Hajri proves her feet in the lands of the short drama, where the work does not exceed the number of its episodes in the barrier of 8 episodes only, so that its events depend on the “flashback” technology. This work was recently celebrated by Shojoon through her accounts on “social media”, on which she published the “Ghassel” poster, whose text was written by Kuwaiti writer Fahd Al-Aliwa, while its directorate was directed by Ahmed Abdel Wahed. The events of the work, produced by the Lebanese Jamal Sinan, are still unclear, but all expectations indicate that it will be an interesting dramatic work. With Al-Ayoun heading towards “Ghassil”, the writer Fahd Al-Aliwa had also published the same poster on his “Instagram” account, without revealing any of his events.

“Ghassil” is not considered the orphan work that the writer Al-Aliwa is currently working on, and it seems that his repertoire has been filled with scenarios for different works in its dramatic plot. The Gulf and the Arab world, including Ibrahim Al-Salal, Sawsan Badr, Mahmoud Boushahri, Ahmed Al-Salman, Samah, Shaima Rahimi, Malak, and Rawan Al-Sharqawi, while Hussein Dashti will direct the new work.


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