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Shopping all the way home. Celebrating ten years, Czech delivery sales spent $200 billion last year

According to his experience, the main group of customers are women with children, who regularly shop in this way most often on Fridays. Now, according to him, the purchase usually comes on the day of the order. Instant purchases are no exception, he says, even express delivery within thirty minutes can be arranged.

Even a couple of years ago, the typical online store customer was a fan of news from a big city, he didn’t have time but had a lot of money. According to the president of the Trade and Tourism Association, Tomasz Brossa, this is no longer the case today. “It can be anyone and anywhere electronic stores reach. Today, their offer is so wide that everyone can find it,” says Broza.

And what items do customers most often buy online? According to Žika, the mainstays of the most popular menu items have been rolls, cucumber eels, milk and bananas for an entire decade. “Among the 13 best-selling commodities are fruits and vegetables,” Zechka stated.

Stores are open. But people keep buying clothes and shoes on the web

According to company spokeswoman Lutfie Volfová, customers of rival company Rohlí are once again praising such foods that they used to go to at farmers markets. “We are assuming, for example, that strawberries harvested in the field are available to our customers directly from the farms at home within a few hours,” Volvova said. This is also the reason why more and more people are preferring to shop online for groceries over supermarkets.

Purchases for 223 billion

According to the Association of Electronic Commerce (APEK), Czechs spent 223 billion kroner on electronic stores last year. “According to our data, the volume of food sales last year exceeded ten percent of the total sales of electronic stores in the field of goods,” said APEK CEO Jan Vetyška.

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These stores have thrived due to the restrictions of the coronavirus, so online food sales have grown significantly over the past two years. “We are still succeeding in shortening the delivery time and expanding the range,” praises Vetyška. He anticipates an increase in the area to which food will be delivered soon, as well as increased process automation and customer service innovation.

Small businesses, which only deal with online shopping on a regional scale, are also improving customer service. An example is the company, which will serve thousands of people in Prague and the surrounding area. A novelty is the assembly of purchases according to the voice instructions of customers. They especially appreciate the convenience of this service. “We will deliver the goods to the place in front of the door, in case the customer also trusts in the kitchen,” said the company’s CEO, Peter Nemeshje.

A novelty to facilitate scanning and shopping at a Tesco supermarket in Eden, Prague, on February 12.

end sellers? Half of customers already pay at self-service cash registers

Experts anticipate further expansion of online food purchases in the future, said Miroslav Novak, an analyst at Akcenta: “This trend is generally associated with efforts to get as close as possible to the customer and dismantle the classic stone shop.” According to him, the coronavirus pandemic in particular hastened the trend towards electronic stores for food, that is, products with a short shelf life. “The Czechs are relatively open, which is why this change is happening faster than the EU average,” he said.

Broza also confirms his words, and according to him, the Czechs are also at the forefront of online shopping. “Both in the field of variety and related services. Proof of this is the expansion of many Czech electronic stores abroad, which are not only related to food. Many foreign countries have a lot to learn from us.”

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