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Shopping malls stand in front of the call. He has to change his TV because of the epidemic

In its research, CBRE, which deals with the commercial real estate services industry, looked at how retailers would want to respond to certain changes. First, their decisions will be reflected in the shape and functioning of the malls of the future. The poll was conducted in the burrow this year and overshadowed by more than a hundred representatives of retail brands operating in local malls.

Survey results show that two-thirds of the stores in OC are currently running their own online store, thus a slight decrease in their retail needs. Additionally, this store uses an online retailer interface. It often revolves around Alza (29 percent), (19 percent), Rohlk (19 percent) or Amazon (10 percent). Depending on the order ordered by the trit partner, these stores account for up to 15 percent of the total volume of online orders.

About a shared online store tenant within a single OC, where individual stores sell their merchandise, I’m only interested in a quarter of retailers.

A majority of respondents (87 percent) would like if individual shopping center sites had functionality that would act as a hub and send customers to e-stores for the designated tenants. Of those interested in that promise, half would be willing to include those sales in the sales unit, says Tom Meek, head of retail and business center management at CBRE.

I picked up in one city

According to the survey, the current 53 percent of malls shopping function as a return place for online orders. On average, every item is picked up directly at the stone store. Sports services, libraries and storefronts use this service the most.

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A much-discussed topic is reducing the common sales city within the shopping center so that the customer does not have to wander around the individual stores. This unit will be permanently used by the trade aunt represented in the survey. There is similar interest in the central area of ​​the fund group.

A number of traders can set up their operations and integrating them is not entirely easy. Nevertheless, we will be able to meet pilot projects of this type in some malls this year, adds Jan Kubik, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Federation of Shopping Centers R

On the other hand, 42 percent of respondents want to temporarily cut back the central supply city, which will, for example, operate due to restrictions on the operation of some stores. According to Jan Janek, CBRE’s head of retail leasing, Jan Janek, will say that this store will have a dedicated parking lot, which can quickly pick up orders from the online store.

Building partnerships

Thanks to cooperation and information exchange between the shopping center operator and individual stores, it is a business day.

We have been working on the art of communicating with traders for a long time regarding new technologies. In addition, we provided our customers with free parking at the OC, and we have prepared a corner of services where customers can store their large purchases and then take them, for example in the O2 Arena, says Pavel Hradec, Director of Galerie Shopping Center literally.

According to Jan Janek, stores should never abandon service supplements that affect overall shopping satisfaction. Malls, in cooperation with retailers, can be shopping partners in this regard.

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Online sales are not enough. Dealers will place the order by purchasing flats and shoes

Aunt would welcome survey respondents if OC introduces new functionality on the web and a mobile app that allows customers to book specific services, such as cosmetic development and hairdressing. Half of the stores will be interested in the loyalty program run by the shopping center or the so-called home delivery, that is, the distribution of goods and customers, which will be organized by the first shopping centers.

A third of shopping mall tenants make changes in their business related to updating and improving the customer experience. In addition to the store and showroom redesign, digital technologies are often used, including self-service terminals and contactless payments, as well as a user-optimized online store, Jan Janick adds.

According to the director of the Kubka Shopping Center Association, these efforts have not yet materialized, or the malls have millions of employees and perform other non-sales functions. On the other hand, after the experience of last year, it is possible that similar services will be satisfied in some way by the customer.