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Barbora Špotáková

Showtakova says school principals should get together. The police came to her son

This weekend, Barbora Špotáková will enter the spear-racing season in Zadar. The competition there will be great, in the short Olympic season, all competitors want to take advantage of the quality race.

“I don’t have a lot, it was cold, so it was impossible to throw right, the quality could not be achieved. Difficult to travel in this case. We were in a training camp in Turkey, but it was also cold there. I think the start would be fun, because I am I don’t have a lot of throws from the full start, so that’s a straightforward jump into the race, ” She said, and did not say she had high expectations from the first race.

She said, despite the complications associated with the Coronavirus, “The preparations were wonderful, I enjoyed it, and it still requires such enthusiasm. It’s different and the enthusiasm catches me.” “Preparation was one of the most fun things. Much of it was at home, I was a teacher and a cook,” She also mentioned her concern for her two sons.

And sports with children is what takes advantage of this complicated time. “In that epidemic, I joined Let’s Shake Kids with Katka Emmons Olympic program, where we provided instructions to parents, and this is one of the positive things that I found in the epidemic.

In my opinion, Janek (a seven-year-old son) enjoyed a lot more exercise than he did when he was going to school. We always do that he has a lesson and then he has to run. He found a connection with sports and found friends in the area with whom he met in the afternoon, and since they were not allowed anywhere, they had to look for fun on their own, so they played sports completely spontaneously, which reminded me of my little girl. Years when we dug up somewhere for the barracks.

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They were dispersed twice by the police. There are children playing in our country … But from that I had a good feeling that he was playing a lot of sports. He enjoys sports and I enjoy being there and watching it, even the little ones, how charged they are. “ She said enthusiastically

In preparation, the two-time Olympic winner had to spend an unusually large time with children who could not go to school. “I always try to find something positive in it and there is something positive in it, but every parent will probably tell me that it is difficult. The worst part is that we do not talk in the past, but in the present, because what they do is invented to teach rotary with the test twice a week, where Children in first and second grades are still wearing headscarves indoors, so under these circumstances Janik will not go to school, ”she complained about the current rules in education.

But it also suggested how this problem could be changed: “In my opinion, school principals should come together to get behind their students, because I don’t think it’s normal for principals either. If these schools don’t respond collectively, nothing will happen.”

Last year, Špotáková canceled the Olympic Games cap twice, but the results were ultimately not counted. But the citizen of Jablonec nad Nisou does not care about the limit: “I hope I can throw it in the season. Maybe not at first, I don’t believe it, but during the season I have to throw the maximum and I think I have to be calm despite the arrangement, so you shouldn’t pressure me.”

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The main drive behind Špotáková’s return to the javelin after her second birth was the Tokyo Olympic Games. There are still reports from Japan that locals usually do not want to host the Olympics, but the three-time world champion believes the games will take place. “I think that doesn’t make me nervous. They keep assuring us that the Olympics will be like that. I think so, and I’m trying not to admit that it won’t be. If not, then the world probably won’t be. Breaking down too, but it would be better.” If it were, “ She added with a smile.

Last year, the highest javelin holder Špotáková was forced to throw away a locally made calendar of days: due to the postponement of the Olympic Games: