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Shunya Ikai Technology aims to be the world's leading technology company by 2030

Shunya Ikai Technology aims to be the world’s leading technology company by 2030

The UAE-based company is on an upward trajectory to achieve technological excellence in line with the digital transformation visions of two Middle Eastern giants, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates): Shunya Ikai Technology one of the innovative technology companies in the new era in the UAE, keeps ahead of the technology curve by creating sustainable high-tech products. This focus is in line with the visions of the Middle East and the GCC, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia being the main economies across the region, who are also focused on revolutionizing their digital development over the next few years. Both countries believe that digital technology is ripe for a paradigm shift in their social and economic prospects.

Shunya Ikai Technology is committed to improving technology and innovation in a way that enhances the quality of the processes performed in various industries. The company specializes in developing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, robots and smart devices intended to automate processes, solve complex problems and improve the efficiency of tasks facing many areas of business, including technology, manufacturing and logistics to name a few. The company is also opening new horizons in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and 3D printing with the aim of nurturing IoT devices and robotics through in-house development, production and manufacturing facilities that enable them to provide tailored devices to suit the exact needs and requirements of the customer or company.

Shintan Sarin, founder and CEO of Shunya Ikai TechnologyOur ultimate goal is to become one of the best technology companies in the world by 2030 with our ability to continuously evolve and focus on achieving the forward-looking visions of the entire region led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, both of which are major economic weights. Both countries have an unwavering commitment to exploring the latest innovations and technologies that lead to a comprehensive social and economic renaissance through digital transformation.

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Sarin added, “With the seemingly inevitable march of new technology and full confidence in our team of professionals and talents, we are sure we will play our part in fulfilling this mission.”

In addition, both the UAE and Saudi Arabia are collaborating with government and commercial institutions to provide strategic guidance, expertise and oversight in order to achieve the maximum possible level of digital advancement through long-term economic growth, increased innovation and value creation through investment in youth.

Shunya Ikai Technology is poised to become the world’s leading company by 2030, playing a key role in making this vision a reality through the pioneering technology it uses to nurture sustainable products with the perfect blend of powerful hardware and seamlessly integrated software.

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