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"Silver Bullet".. Supernatural capabilities of the latest Russian military system

“Silver Bullet”.. Supernatural capabilities of the latest Russian military system

On Tuesday, the Russian President said Vladimir PutinHe added, during a speech to graduates of military colleges, that the Russian forces had already received the system.

According to Russian reports, the new system secures major cities and strategic objectives of the highest priority, and the locations of ballistic and intercontinental missiles hidden underground, in addition to industrial facilities.

The Russian company “Almaz-Antey”, the manufacturer of this advanced system, says that the “S-500” is capable of hitting low-orbit satellites and nearby spacecraft.

She also described it as a “silver bullet” that can destroy stealth aircraft of the type “”F35“American.

Super powers

The S-500 can target cruise missiles, ballistic and hypersonic missiles, as well as tactical and intercontinental operational missiles.

It can also target orbital platforms in space and supersonic missiles, and intercept 10 missile heads coming from space at the same time, according to the American magazine “National Interest” specialized in military affairs.

As for the American “19 Forty Five” website, it says that it is one of the most sophisticated and capable systems in the Russian air defense, and it also possesses enormous capabilities and will play a pivotal role in the Russian missile shield.

He pointed out that the system possesses two types of long-range missiles of my models, and a large number of advanced radars, each of which is dedicated to detecting and accompanying a type of air target.

The range of the “S-500” is up to 600 km, and in order to work outside Atmosphere On the ground, the system includes a 60K6 long-range detection radar.

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The system consists of two units, the first anti-missile, and the other anti-aircraft.

Russian General Sergei Babakov says that the “S-500” was developed as a completely new generation of anti-aircraft systems, and is designed to shoot down medium-range ballistic missiles and, if necessary, intercontinental ballistic missiles as well.

He adds to the British newspaper “The Sun” that it is capable of destroying hypersonic aircraft and unmanned aircraft.

“It also destroys aerodynamic targets, which makes it possible to say with confidence that this system is unique.”

Russian military expert Igor Konovalov says: Russian missile system It can hit targets even in space, and is unique in its multi-tasking and unparalleled in the world.

He added to Sky News Arabia, “It is designed to hunt hypersonic targets, and is able to reliably protect all of the country’s territory and strategic locations, and can be deployed within minutes.”