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Singer "Abu" presents "It's Time" in classical and colloquial

Singer “Abu” presents “It’s Time” in classical and colloquial

Singer “Abu” released a song entitled “It’s Time”, which is the title of his new album, which presents his songs within a new plan represented in releasing a song every once in a while.

The song “It’s Time” is a simple and fun song that mixes classical and colloquial Arabic vocabulary in a message that expresses the confusion of Mahboub’s actions. The song is written by Kawthar Hijazi, composed and arranged by Mino.

The lyrics of the song say

In a whim, I have been patient, I have suffered and tasted love

I came to tell you to go far away from everything and take it and disclose it

How do I get confused, my guide has these tricks

And in the end, oh, oh, all my thoughts remain

In a whim, I was patient, I tasted the cup of bitter willingly

Although I love him very much, his love is fragile

I feel like I’m in Malta

A thousand times he intentionally hurt me, but I can’t trick him

And “Abu” released the song “King of Fabrication” on the famous video site “YouTube”, which is the first song from his album “It is time.” The song “King of Fabrication” is a simple and fun song in a message that expresses the discovery of the fact that the other party was deceived, and it is from the words of Mahmoud Salah It is composed and arranged by Mino, and its lyrics are:

He was a professor in Al-Shiaka, he was a professor in petting, we walked for a while, suddenly, we shrieked and got divorced. Without me, a thief made a post and saw the glory with your eyes. Is he crying and complaining about the king of fabrication? He was in the fraying, my professor ticked him at the time of the break, his eyes were open and we were old. And I suffer, this is your lesson, I am deaf, the love of your heart fell, and you missed it. Is this true? Those who feared died. We did not spoil you and your religion. We were not spoiled by you. The king of fabrication was in Fazla, a professor at the time of the break, his eyes were open and we were on his old days.

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