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Sinjar: What is happening in the historical homeland of the Yazidis?

Sinjar: What is happening in the historical homeland of the Yazidis?

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The fate of nearly 3,000 Yazidis who were taken into captivity remains unknown

The Sinjar region of Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq is witnessing tension and confrontations between an Iraqi army force and a local militia revolving in the orbit of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), called the “Sinjar Resistance Units”.

The confrontations led to deaths between the two sides and the displacement of about 4 thousand Yazidis to the Kurdistan region.

Historic home

The Sinjar region is the historical home of the Yazidi minority, and the sprawling Sinjar Mountain was and remains the last refuge and fortress for this Kurdish religious minority, which has been subjected to dozens of massacres and exterminations over the centuries, the latest of which was the attack of the so-called “Islamic State” on the region in 2014, where thousands of men were killed. Thousands of children and women were taken captive and kidnapped by ISIS militants, and the fate of about 3,000 women is still unknown.

When the militants of the Islamic State invaded the Sinjar region, units of the Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Regional Government were stationed in the area, but they withdrew from the area without any confrontation with the militants of the organization.