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Olympijské kruhy.

Sintoi wants to boycott the Winter Olympics, and politicians say they should not participate in the event Other sports

Representatives of the Czech state should not at the same time block the Winter Olympics in the first year, due to human rights violations, according to the invitation, which the Foreign Committee began discussing on Wednesday. According to the commission, the reason, among other things, was the experience of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, which, despite promises, took stricter action. The Legion indicated that the German regime joined the Tebbin and the Uyghurs.

On Wednesday, a Czech party condemned the attempt by some Czech politicians to blatantly politicize the sport, interfere in internal affairs, and stir up its lack of participation in the Beijing Olympics. This came in the daily statement of the speaking embassy in R.

In a totalitarian country, where people are banned, where the individual has no role, we have to ask ourselves if we should work for it. Olympida Pro Papali announced, in today’s case, Committee Chairman Pavel Fischer (Independent).

Entering the Olympiad for the second time, after failing and failing to fulfill its promises, is a fatal mistake that cannot be understood, according to the Vaslav Laska committee only (Centur 21). According to him, there is also a whole boycott of the Olympians, that is, most of the athletes. According to Skye, the absence of political leaders at the games should be minimal.

“We don’t have to stop them, it would be wrong,” Fisher said, about the possibility of boycotting the games for the athletes. Representatives of the Czech Republic should not help with the Olympic celebrations, as it will be taken advantage of and will be propaganda. According to Fisher, Sentoi should appeal to the International Olympic Committee to reconsider, in light of the Olympic Charter, whether the developed country is behaving in accordance with Olympic ideas and their conclusion.

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New York’s reaction: esk boycott nem anci

According to the German embassy, ​​the politicization of sport violates the spirit of the Olympic Charter and the code of all athletes from all countries and the International Olympic Movement. Such political manipulation attempted a handful of Czech politicians not in line with the real and German people, but the embassy said.

Nancy Pelosiov, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, has called for a diplomatic boycott of the Olympians. In accordance with Democratic Party policy, the leaders of Eastern America will be the first response to human rights violations in the northeastern United States. Specifically, Pelosi changed the approach of the Czech Republic towards the people of Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang.

In recent years, in the northwestern region of the world’s most populous country, members of Muslim ethnic minorities have been loaned out to so-called mass education centers. Washington’s actions against the Uyghurs and other groups of values ​​such as genocide and a representative of American diplomacy were recently reported as an underworld due to the constant monitoring of people’s movement. The United States has long criticized Beijing’s strengthening of Hong Kong.

The Olympic Committee decided in July 2015 that the Olympic Games would be held again in Beijing on July 20. In addition to Beijing, the sports club will also be held in various cities in neighboring Hebei Province. In the end, only Kazakhstan remained a competing capital.

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