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Širuček – Drinkhall 4: 2, table tennis player Širuček made his way to the Tokyo Olympics


“As I saw LeBouch in Qatar, whatever his will, he inspired me incredibly. He supported me from a distance, wrote to each other, we called and told me that I still have to fight for every ball, if you like, come on. I tried. I play my game, I didn’t try to think it was about the Olympics and I’m so grateful that I succeeded, ”Sirok said in a media recording.

Chirosec about the procedure as a last resort. As the second European qualifier, he entered the second stage of the tournament, but was knocked out in the quarter-finals. In the third stage, after two wins, he competed in the fight for the Olympic Games, but lost 1: 4 to Greek defender Panagotis Jeunesse. He said, “It started perfectly, but then he started to be more confident, so I took a risk and unfortunately it didn’t work out.”

Jančařík progressed from the qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Tokyo

As an undefeated semi-finalist, he had another chance to qualify and succeeded in dueling with Drinkhall through active play. Obviously, he won the first two sets 11: 3 twice, although he lost the next two sets at 6:11 and 8:11, but he won the important fifth sets of 11: 7. In the last set, he led at 6: 0 and used the fourth game.

Table tennis player Hana Matilova.

Honor / Jan Brechta

“It started very well and I think that is not possible,” said Sirok at the start of the match with Drinkhol. “Where I played in the first and second sets, I scored there. In the third and fourth sets, he was suddenly everywhere I played. In the fifth set, he started to spoil, and luckily I ran away in the sixth set because he started taking a 10: 3 risk and I’m so glad I kept it.” “.

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Neither Hana Matilova nor Karen Adamkova succeeded in Portugal. However, the world’s No. 1 and 51 Czech player Matilova has to fit in the top eight to progress from the ITTF ranking.

Tokyo Olympic Games European Table Tennis Qualifiers – Guimarães (Portugal), Stage 3:
Quarter-finals men’s rounds:
Shirochik (Czechoslovakia) – Bobocica (It.) 4: 2 (7, 5, -7, -8, 5, 10).
Semi-final round:
Jeunesse (GRE) – Shirochik 4: 1 (-6, 10, 8, 4, 7).
Play or postup OH:
Shirochik Drinkhol (BRIT) 4: 2 (3, 3, -6, -8, 7, 7).