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Sistanska Babis and Zeeman will meet

Sistanska Babis and Zeeman will meet

According to ČTK, the leader of the Belarusian opposition must also meet with representatives of some parliamentary parties or representatives of the Belarusian community in the Czech Republic.

He will meet with Vestrel on Monday and Zeeman and Babes on Tuesday. Senate Press Secretary Sue Nguyen announced the speech at the Senate meeting on Wednesday. On the same day in the afternoon, Czechanoska will meet with Kulhanek.

Last September, the Czech Prime Minister refused to hold an official meeting with تشيechanoska at the summit of the prime ministers of the four Visegrad states (V4 – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary). He justified his dissenting position by saying that he did not want to take a hasty step that was not in line with the pan-European position and would support Belarusian propaganda. Babis later added that even then-Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban did not consider the meeting a good idea.

In terms of security risks, the complete Cichanouská program has not been published in the Czech Republic. A Belarusian politician is being tried in her country on the basis of an article of the Criminal Code dealing with calls for the seizure of power. The specific reason is that, on the initiative of the Belarusian opposition, it created a Coordination Council aimed at mediating a peaceful transition of power in the country. She faces between three and five years in prison. Russia placed Sichanowska among the wanted persons on the basis of an agreement with Belarus.

Soon after the presidential election, Chechenos traveled abroad to avoid arrest. She found asylum in Lithuania, visited Poland and Germany, where she met the prime ministers of both countries. He is seeking to hold new presidential elections in Belarus. According to her, Lukashenko lost legitimacy, among other things, through his violent suppression of peaceful anti-regime demonstrations.

Belarus has taken center stage again after its security forces detained opposition journalist Raman Pratasevic and his partner Sofia Sabiga in May after a Ryanair plane made an emergency landing on board, and the couple traveled from Greece to Lithuania. Pratasevic appeared on Belarusian state television Thursday night, where he admitted to organizing anti-government protests in tears and said he respected Lukashenko. However, the Bratsvich family and the opposition believe that the conversation was under duress.