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Sériová výroba modelu Enyaq iV. Foto: Škoda Auto

Škoda Auto won the car bid for the Czech presidency, and will loan 55 electric cars for free

The automaker will provide cars for eight months, and the state will pay through “in kind” performance.

Delegates to the EU summit and informal councils will drive Škoda Auto electric cars next year during the Czech presidency.

The automaker won a car rental contest in the form of sponsorship. This victory was announced by the Government Office in a press release and contracting authority file. To move delegates, Skoda will loan a total of 55 Enyaq IV four-wheel drive electric vehicles. The cars will be metallic black.

Each car is worth 1.77 million kroner, and Skoda will provide it to the state for rent free of charge. “The user (government office, editor’s note) will provide the operator with consideration in kind (not cash or cash) for the period of use of the vehicle, which specifically means the possibility of presenting the operator at all significant events organized by the user under the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2022,mentioned in the contract.

We are pleased to be able to build on the partnership we started in 2009 and that our country will once again be represented by Škoda cars during the Czech presidency.” Martin Jan, Škoda Auto board member responsible for sales and marketing, evaluated the outcome of the tender.

The Czech presidency will begin in July, and the Czech Republic Automobile Government Office will be available from May to ensure the highest standards of transport safety possible. The cars will transport the highest political figures during their stay in Prague.

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Car maker Mlada Boleslav is another partner of the Czech presidency. In 2009, 27 Skoda Superb cars were lent to the state.


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