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Skoda Enyak has passed the lottery test, and the result is not satisfactory

Skoda Enyak has passed the lottery test, and the result is not satisfactory

father Ford Mustang Mach-E Bad Score in Motion Test Here we have another electric car that will not give its tire certification – the Skoda Enyaq iV. He passed the test of the Spanish web magazine, which regularly deals with moose tests, at a speed of only 67 km / h.

The Moose Test is an evasive maneuver that assesses the skill of a vehicle and the art of instantly avoiding unexpected obstacles on the road – then back on your lane. The faster the vehicle test passes safely, in a controlled manner and without dropping cones, the better the evaluation of the vehicle’s safety.

The vehicle tested had 180 horsepower, just rear-wheel drive, and a smaller battery variant. The first attempt was made at 77 km/h and the test driver said he felt no danger and that the car was maneuverable – but dropped three cones. In other tests, the car performed much worse, which the driver attributes to a possible deterioration in the performance of the Bridgestone Turanza Eco tyres.

The car tends to swerve in the second set of cones, and the ESP system tries to clamp it down, according to the Spaniards, but doesn’t bother it in the third set of cones. “The problem with the Enak is that it suddenly stops controlling it by the end of the test,” says the driver, adding that the Enac sometimes adds over-steering. But he says he has never encountered anything like this while driving sharp on winding roads.

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