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Skoda has 20,000 unfinished cars in the parking areas

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| Photo: Reuters

According to Škoda, the situation is not good. “Enyaq cars have not been produced in recent weeks and Octavia has been driving incompletely without door panels from Grupo Antolin. In total, the Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny plants produce about 2,300 cars, but previously production of more than 4,000 cars was not a problem,” he said. Josef Zemral, deputy head of the KOVO trade union, in the weekly Škodovácký odborář.

The Chairman of the Labor Council, Yaroslav Povchik, stated that, according to the latest information, there is no scheme to shut down mass production. According to him, we managed to secure the supply of chips. Production has also been partially resumed by Grupo Antolin, which will resume Octavia door panels (I read here). Karsten Schnake, a member of the Škoda Automobile Purchase Council, said this week that the Ukrainian cable harness supplier has also resumed production, and that the Enyaq model will also resume production (Details here).

According to the unions, Skoda will cancel a number of shifts in some operations next week, and some shifts will be in limited mode. Škoda has long been struggling with necessary shift cancellations on a regular basis. “Changes come daily. The last record is that we discussed the change five hours after the previous change.”

Due to semiconductor shortages and the coronavirus pandemic, the automaker delivered 878,200 vehicles to customers worldwide last year, which is a 12.6 percent year-over-year decline. The lack of chips meant that Škoda did not produce 280,000 cars. Skoda this week presented economic results and production balance for 2021 (Read more).

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