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Skoda Kodiak as a helipad for a helicopter?  Yes, minimal modifications were enough

Skoda Kodiak as a helipad for a helicopter? Yes, minimal modifications were enough

You no longer have to build a helipad at home, just a slightly modified Kodiaq. The video from Mladá Boleslav’s workshop proves it.

silver Skoda Kodiaq The show was attended by designers from Škoda Design and experts from the EGV division, which focuses on building prototypes. Together they built a platform attached to the car’s roof frame.

“It is a steel structure built to distribute loads evenly. It is attached to the roof frame where roof rails are usually installed. The platform deck is made of planks,” The designer describes Peter Arben.

The Robinson R22 helicopter weighs more than half a ton with the pilot and landing pad, but it was said that the Kodiaq did not need further reinforcement. To achieve visual balance, only the rear suspension of the car was strengthened.

First, there was a static test, when the helicopter was fired at the car. When all went well, he soared into the air and, led by experienced pilot Jan Cermak, landed safely on the rooftop platform. After that, the car and the helicopter became decoration for the meeting of helicopter owners and pilots Robinson Helicopter Session 2021, which was organized by Nisa Air in Mladá Boleslav.

You may remember that this is not the first helicopter landing on the roof of a modern Škoda. Ten years ago, the creators of the popular BBC Top Gear ran the same experiment. At that time, the machine landed on the roof of the Skoda Yeti.