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Sraz škodovek v Běšinech jaro 2021.

Skoda residents gathered in Běšiny, the attraction was the Dioss Rebel Nova and ÚVMV 1100 GT

“We have been reuniting for twenty years and we will be forty in the fall. We are glad that the Covid measures have been resolved and we were able to prepare for the meeting in a hurry. People are as happy as we are and we rely on about two hundred cars,” said Roman Chavell on behalf of the organizers.

It all started as usual on Friday, when Skoda residents went to the camp, in the evening there was a competition in neon tuning and a car cinema. The most beautiful car of the event was selected on Saturday, the exhaust set up the loudest, the top gear, a competition in manual dexterity set up There was also a slalom at Janovice nad Úhlavou and this time the steering race was directed to Kašperk.

The Duos Rebel Nova cars were the biggest attraction in this year’s Skoda Rally. These were the cars that were manufactured in Klatovy from 1995 to 1998. “Three prototypes were made. People will surely know Blue from TV Nova, who was a media partner. At that time, it was well prepared for the new TV. In 1998 the project ended and I fell Land on cars. Now, more than twenty years later, blue has been completely revamped and shown at the event, along with yellow, which we are still revamping,” Schaffel said. Red has its owner too and it has been fixed, but it was missing in the meeting.

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Next to the Rebels, visitors were also impressed by the ÚVMV 1100 GT, a sports car from 1970, which also did not go into serial production. Only six pieces were made.

The gentlemen had something to like. “I love these original cars, and am always excited to see them. They are beautiful,” said one of the visitors, Peter Vallis, who looked enthusiastically at every detail.