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Sleeping trains may soon run from London to European cities

It is celebrated as the latest example of the new dawn of the European sleeper train. Recalling the changes in attitudes caused by the climate emergency and the Govt epidemic, a new night service between Brussels and Prague was announced last week in 2022, with stops in Amsterdam, Berlin and Dresden, where tickets are expected to cost from 60. Way.

However, Elmer van Puran, co-founder of the European Sleeper Cooperation, said that a more ambitious plan could connect Europe with the most romantic modes of transport that saw the British. Supervisor.

“I think there is a huge possibility of running Prague trains through the canal tunnel,” Van Puran said. “Introducing new services through the tunnel is definitely an ambitious thing. We are not ready at this time.”

“But London and the United Kingdom are far from the rest of the continent, so it would be very reasonable to get a Brock service,” he said. “Despite Brexit, I think there are still many people in the UK who want to come to Europe for vacations and work, so I think there’s definitely a market there.”

Van Puran’s plan is to realize the vision that was realized almost three decades ago.

Cabinet of the Austrian Nightjet Service. Photography: Harold Eisenberger

In the 1990s, sleeper trains were built to travel through the new subway as part of a “Knightstar” service plan to connect London, Plymouth, Swansea and Glasgow with Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Cologne. However, the project is expected to be redundant due to rising construction costs and the popularity of low-cost aircraft. The project was officially announced in 1999. Some cars were later sold to railway companies in Canada, which are still used between Montreal and Halifax.

The main dangers are still here. Trains should be built at a distance of at least 375 meters at both ends, rather than sources from existing railroads. Experts say they will need systems that can prevent the spread of fire when spending time in the railway tunnel, although the exhaust tunnel running parallel to the two railway tunnels makes the road much safer.

Last summer, a high-speed railway team from the British Railways issued a statement saying there were too many strict restrictions on the mines, which could hamper sleepers’ plans. They called on the government to renew regulations to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the canal tunnel in 2024.

But whether or not these changes come, the cost of any such service will be significant – and Ryanair and EasyJet will not go away.

Von Braun, who linked the European sleeper with Chris Engelsman, who runs the Northeast Express website that promotes rail travel, said he believed in “the effect of Creta Dunberg” on public attitudes towards air travel and the impact of the recent health crisis. , Which is the reason. Expansion of trust and services for the new Brussels route to Prague.

Beautiful buildings and squares in Brock's Old Town seen from above
A new night service will be launched in 2022 between Prague and Brussels above. Photo: Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

The Continental Sleeper will integrate the schedule for Eurostar service as the first new night train leaves the platform in Brussels midway next spring. Direct train enthusiasts have noticed that the announcement comes after the launch of the Knightjet Brussels in Vienna, Austria, which began shortly before the epidemic in 2020, bringing a renaissance to childbirth and double beds in the past.

The initial service will be operated from Brussels to Prague in collaboration with the independent Czech operator Regiojet, which owns the railway shares. The seating area will have accommodation, a bedroom with free internet access and free coffee. Van Puran said shares of the European Sleeping Cooperative would be available to small investors from next month, and that the enthusiastic response to his announcement was hilarious.

He said, “A sleep train is not as fast as an airplane, but you can board a plane and you do not have to stand in line.” You can sit back, relax, read a book, get ready for a meeting, watch Netflix, have a drink. You go to bed. You wake up the next morning and open your nakedness, you are in different worlds. “How wonderful is that? More and more people are beginning to realize that this is really a different approach to value. Time.”

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